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The Christmas Bucket List – by Ella Fairlie

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The blurb:

It’s Christmas time in London: there’s snow in the air, Regent Street is bustling, and the Trafalgar Square tree’s all a-glitter. Isobel Gray is dreaming of a perfect movie-style Christmas for her first Noël away from home, and with a hot man and a bucket list of festive fun ready to be ticked off, she thinks she has it all wrapped up. But when her boss-slash-boyfriend goes AWOL just days before the holiday, she finds herself a little Lost, Actually instead. Will she end up home alone, or is there a Christmas miracle waiting under the mistletoe?

‘The Christmas Bucket List’ is a fun, festive romcom novella (25,000 words approx.) - perfect for curling up with on a chilly winter night!

My Opinion:

The cover of this wonderful novella is to die for, SO GORGEOUS!!!

I first heard about Ella when the winners for the Sunlounger 2 were announced. Ella was one of them – congrats again lovely.
Of course I read all the stories in the Sunlounger and Ella’s was one of my favourites. When I heard about her first novella, I downloaded it immediately and let me tell you one thing before I start the main part of my review.

The story is about South-African Isobel Gray, it’s her first Christmas in London and she is going to spend it with her boyfriend Brett, who also happens to be her boss. Their relationship is a “secret”. Isobel has this great bucket list planned out with a list full of Christmassy and festive things to do in London around Christmas. But then he cancels on her and she is all alone… for Christmas…

Starting her list she meets her colleague Jamie on Skating at Somerset House. He wants to help her with her list and then the actual fun starts. They watch Christmas movies, make gingerbread house etc. The scenes were such a joy to read about and full of heart. Ella described them with such detail and flow, I fell in love with her writing, the characters and the story. Isobel and Jamie had chemistry and spark from the beginning and I loved seeing their relationship develop, a lot of magical and sweet moments made this story perfect for Christmas.

Isobel was a great character, I could really relate to her. She is organized and passionate, just like I am. Oh and Jamie, oh well, hello book boyfriend ;) He’s attentive, sweet, smart, sexy, confident… almost too good to be true ;)

For Isobel it was a journey into finding what she really wants and of what makes her really happy, Jamie was the key piece to everything. She had to learn about Brett’s true face and of course there had to be some little drama included as well, just the right amount to make this story everything a reader needs around Christmas!

I’m so excited that there will be more of Isobel and Jamie, can’t wait!!!

Another thing I LOVED about this story was the descriptions of christmassy and festive London, London is like my second home, but I've never seen it around Christmas, I will soon, over NYE this year, so excited!!!

Thank you Ella for writing such an authentic, genuine, sweet, magical and glowing story. A new star in the author world was definitely born, you’re brilliant!!!


My possible cast:

Isobel: Catherine Amdur

Jamie: Alejandro Corzo

Ella on Twitter: @EllaFairlie

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