Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My Best Christmas Memory by Erin

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One of my favourite Christmas memories is from a couple of years ago. It was the first Christmas we had spent without my gran and my papa had been with us from around 8am that morning so he could be with us to open presents and then go to church and have lunch. It was after lunch - which really extends into dinner time - that makes it my favourite memory.

We were playing board games around the kitchen table, in particular Trivial Pursuit. This game had themed quiz cards and the first one was King George IV. My 90 year old papa was called George and when we read out the first question which was along the lines of where was King George born by papa asked "Is Wishaw on the card?" - his birthplace - it had us all laughing. One of the other cards had a "quiet" theme and when we read this out my papa put his finger to his mouth and whispered "shhh". This memory might be a "had to be there" moment but it was great to see my papa's wit was still as sharp as ever and it was great to see him enjoying himself so much that last Christmas.

Erin also offered a prize for my giveaway, thanks sweetie. You can win a paperback of Jenny Hale's Coming Home For Christmas.

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