Saturday, 13 December 2014

My Dream Christmas Day by Agi

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In the last few days I am trying to do two things: write this post for Simona and bake Christmas cookies. Both seem to be a hard work but the result should be a pleasure :) And the cookies, in fact, should be the first point on my Dream Christmas list. They are yummy to eat but hell to make, so in my Dream Christmas they should be already baked, decorated, with all the icing done!

The second point would be: on my Dream Christmas Day I could stay in bed as long as I'd like! Right now it's impossible, with little Sophie being awake, demanding her breakfast (hot chocolate, Mummy, hot chocolate!) and a husband who is a verrry early bird. So I would love to stay under my comfortable, warm duvet as long as it takes my fancy. So there.

The third. Please, can somebody else lay the table and cook all the food? Pretty please?

The fourth. Snow. I have never supposed that I'm going to say this, but I'm missing snow. Me. The biggest snow grouch in the world. But Christmas without snow doesn't look like real Christmas. And I really can't imagine anything nicer than a walk on a sunny, cold day with snow crunching under your feet.

The fifth. Decorations! I can do a lot of things. I can paint horses, I can train dogs, I can cook and bake but unfortunately I'm not too talented when it comes to decorating. So I should wake up on my dream Christmas Day to a house full of wonderful, Christmassy decorations and tons of little, fairy lights, candles, baubles and other wreaths.

The sixth. After the very demanding day, with me staying long in bed, being served food, going on a walk, having everything done for me, I would love to have a bath. But a bath in a bathtub that is big enough for me, where I can lay flat and long and do a water - angel with my arms, and not  keep my arms close to my body and bend the legs. In a warm, scented bath, with a glass of champagne and a bowl of strawberries. Cliché? Perhaps, but I have never done this in my life. I mean, the champagne and strawberries part. Not bathing with arms close to my body and legs bend.

The seventh point on my list would be presents that would be a total surprise. Not presents that I must usually look for myself and say: I want this.
(No worries. There is always a surprise or two under the tree).
And presents wrapped by somebody else!!!

The eight and last. You know what? As long as I am with my family, with my beloved ones, in a warm living room with illuminated Christmas tree and see the wonderful sparkles in my daughter's eyes and hear her laugh, then I don't need anything more. This is my Dream Christmas Day.

And I wish you all your own Dream Christmas!

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  1. Agi your going to have a great Christmas Day with your husband and daughter. It's the one day of the year I don't mind not having a lie in. Although we still open our stocking all in our bed with a cup of coffee to hand xx