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Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas – by Lindsey Kelk

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The blurb:

Jenny Lopez has had a crappy twelve months.

Determined to turn her festive frown upside down, she plans a super winter getaway for her nearest and dearest: ski cabin in Vermont, the best Christmas tree the world has ever seen and more bottles of champagne than is possibly legal to transport across state lines.

But nothing goes to plan and before she knows it, Jenny’s awesome super funtimes Christmas has turned into a dry, dull couples’ retreat. But this is Jenny Lopez. She’s going to have the best Christmas known to man and she’s not prepared to accept anything less, even if it means snowshoe-ing to the nearest store and dragging a turkey three miles in the snow. Even if it means chopping up her beloved Christmas tree to start a fire. Even if it means standing up a hot, wealthy doctor (a doctor, people!) to make sure everyone gets the holiday they deserve.

With her best friends, Angela and Erin, by her side Jenny Lopez is determined to save Christmas. Whether it likes it or not.

My Opinion:

Lindsey Kelk is a must around Christmas, that’s why I was really excited to hear about this short story and we are back with the lovely and adorable characters from the I Heart series.

If you have read The I Heart series you know Angela pretty well and of course her best friend Jenny. This time it’s Jenny’s turn to tell the story. Jenny is the best friend a girl could wish for and she is determined to make Christmas really special for her friends Angela and Erin. Angela is not in the festive mood at all, because her husband Alex is on turn with his band and he won’t make it for Christmas.

In Erin’s ski cabin she prepares everything, but them the power is gone, the food is not delivered and the tree is way too big! Can Jenny still save Christmas?!
It was awesome to join Jenny in all this drama and fun! She is such a bubbly and amazing character and Lindsey’s funny and unique writing adds an extra spark to the whole story. When a man comes to her rescue everything gets more interesting of course. Mason is not her type at all, but…
And since this other guy only answered her text with a THX she can move forward right?!

This story is witty, chaotic, bubbly, sweet and just adorable. The friendship goes over everything else and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the surprise Jenny had for Angela in the end!!!

This is the perfect funny feel good book. It gets you into the christmas mood immediately and the scenes are just so full of detail and glimmer. The brilliant writing makes you feel part of the story, never wanting to leave it again.


My possible cast:

Jenny: Katie Melua

Angela: Rachel McAdams

Erin: Sara Paxton

Mason: Charlie Hunman

Lindsey Kelk on Twitter: @LindseyKelk

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