Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sharp Dressed Men

Doesn’t that title sound very interesting and sexy...?! I have been asked by Valerie from Paul Fredrick ( write a post about sharp dressed men around Christmas time. I jumped at the chance, because I love fashion and I love talking about well dressed men. In my eyes the style can make a man even more attractive and sexy and I always look at their outfits.

I have to say I’m a bit nervous about this post, because it’s my first fashion related one next to my Fashion Corner monthlies.

I really like it when men wear a suit. It makes them look sophisticated, sexy and smart. Preferably they’d be in black, dark blue or grey. With a white dress shirt nothing can go wrong. Or a dress shirt in another colour, combined with a tie. The colours are really important. Now that is different for every man. It really depends on their skin tone and also the colour of the eyes. Men with blue eyes look great in a blue one, which reflects the colour of the eyes. Here are some examples:

The shirt could also be combined with a sweater in the right colour and even jeans. As long as it looks elegant everything is well ;). Even if men just wear the shirt with some good trousers, a belt and nice shoes, the sleeves can be cropped up and here we go.

I love it when men wear scarfs, not just any scarf though. It shouldn’t be too much though. Keep it simple and elegant.

The shoes are a very important part of the outfit. They have to be chic and stylish, so no sneakers…

In this festive season or in winter in general cardigans are great for man. It’s casual and kind of sporty, but still make the outfit look classy. The cardigan can be in one colour (grey, black, blue, beige or brown) or in a festive pattern.

The colours should be calm and relaxed, not to bright and definitely not too neon. That would be too much and it would take the focus away from the outfit.

It has been a lot of fun putting together this post and I loved doing the research. Go to o find more outfits for men…


  1. Sorry did you talk about fashion all I saw was sexy men lol. Honestly fab post loved it xx

    1. haha ;) Fashion and men instantly means a lot of sexy and hot men ;) They have to be connected in my eyes and of curse I had to take my faves here ;) xx