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Surviving The Rachel by Aven Ellis - Quotes

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The new Aven Ellis beauty SURVIVING THE RACHEL is out, here is a collection of my favourite quotes out of the book.

He’s like a firefly who has lit up the darkness. And I find myself drawn to his light. - Bree

I blink. His eyes are shining at me, and I find myself staring into them for a moment. Expressive, I think. Jack has very expressive eyes. - Bree

He’s one of a kind, I think. I’ve never met anyone like Jack. - Bree

I was intrigued by his looks right away, but the more he revealed himself to me—his intelligence, his uniqueness, his interests—the more I wanted to know him. And once I got to see who Jack was, I couldn’t stop thinking about how handsome he is—both inside and out. - Bree Logan

I can’t help it. I haven’t felt this happy, this excited, and
this alive— in forever. - Bree

Something in that kiss tells my heart that I might have just kissed my future husband for the first time tonight. - Bree

“I don’t want anyone else,” Jack whispers.
“Me neither,” I whisper back.
Then his lips find mine. “Ever“.

“I thought we could have a tree together. At my house, with our own ornaments. Ones we could use every year.”
My heart is pounding. This is Jack’s way of saying we’re together - forever. Jack is telling me he wants to share the holiday with me and invest in items for our future.

You’ll always own a piece of my heart.” Jack

“That night we chased fireflies,” Jack murmurs, his voice thick with unshed tears, “I knew you were different. I was with this beautiful girl with The Rachel hair and I couldn’t stop wondering how this was happening to me. How did I meet you and by the grace of God, that you seemed interested in me, too? It seemed too good to be true.
“But it was true,” he whispers to me in the frosty air, his hands rubbing up and down my back in a calming manner.

“And I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I wanted to be with you every day, to talk to you, to get to know you. Finally I kissed you out amongst the fireflies, and I’ve never felt that way kissing anyone. I knew right then that I just had the last first kiss I’d ever have in my life.” - Jack

You have my heart, Bree. All of it. It’s yours. And it belongs to you in a way it never belonged to anyone else.” - Jack

“Ich liebe dich,” he says softly, gripping my hands in his. “I love you.”
“I love you,” I manage to get out, my voice breaking. “I love you, too, Jack. More than you can ever imagine.”
“I love you so much,” he says. “You’re the only one I’ve loved like this. You have all of me, Bree. Forever.”

But I knew from the moment we kissed in the garden you were it. You’re the man I’m meant to love. There’s nobody but you, Jack. It’ll always be you.” – Bree Logan

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