Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas on Sky’s Book Corner

Welcome to „Christmas on Sky’s Book Corner“ my lovelies.

From today until Dec 25th I created kind of an Advent calendar for the blog. There will be reviews of Christmas books, guest posts about Christmas and giveaways. Here is the schedule; the review for Just For Christmas by Scarlett Bailey will make the start today.

I’d like to thank all my guest post authors and the authors, who offered a book for the giveaway:

Aven Ellis, Isabell, Erin, Rebecca, Suus, Agi, Jennifer Gilby Roberts, Amanda, Melissa Baldwin, Ana and Holly. Then of course Jenny Oliver, Rebecca Raisin, Ellen Faith, Jaimie Admans and Clare Dowling.


To start off, here is a little post I wrote myself, about a book that reminds me of Christmas. Or should I rather say a collection of books?!

Well, Rebecca Raisin wrote a series of books about a Cafe owner in a small little town. The first book is called Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe. This book is magical and really christmassy, I loved it. Rebecca’s writing is perfect and heart-warming. The next book in the series is set around Easter and the third one?! YES!!!! It’s Christmas again and even better: A Wedding!!!
I was so excited to read Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe and it was amazing! I loved being back in the world of these lovely characters.

Another series that reminds me of Christmas is The O’Neil brother series by Sarah Morgan, or I should rather say book #1 Sleigh Bells in the Snow and book #2 Maybe This Christmas. The O’Neil brothers are gorgeous and sexy and reading about them finding their true love was great. The Snow Crystal surroundings are perfect for Christmas and the whole family plays a big role in these books.

Then I’ve got it big for Just For Christmas by Scarlet Bailey as well. A cute and heart-warming story set around Christmas. There is a short story called Secret Santa, catching up on all characters in Poldore, it came out this year.

Now there is A Christmas To Remember by Jenny Hale, I LOVED LOVED LOVED this story! A wonderful story about family, love, life and so much more. This is the perfect Christmas book - so festive, magical, sweet and romantic! The story follows Carrie, who takes on a new nanny job before and over the Christmas day. Single dad Adam is struggling to have a relationship with his kids, will Carrie be able to change that?! Oh and did I mention that he is super gorgeous?! ;)

Here we go with the next one: Christmas at Carrington's by the lovely Alexandra Brown. This book is funny, fresh, festive, sweet and so charismatic. Alex's writing takes you right into the story and never wanting to leave again. Awesome characters as well!!!

With Calling Mrs Christmas Carole Matthews created a brilliant, magical and so vivid story. The book has a wonderful message and the writing is genius! I enjoyed every second of this book!!!

Last but not least: The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown. The perfect magical and festive feel good book, full of sparks and amazing moments. A magical masterpiece written by a wonderful author.