Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas at my house

 Well, here in Switzerland Christmas Eve is where it all starts. A few years ago, when I was younger we celebrated Christmas on the 24th with my mum’s family and then on the 25th we celebrated with my dad’s family. Both my grandparents on my dad’s side died and the family around my little cousin prefers to go away over Christmas.
So now, we mostly celebrate on the 24th and the 25th is just the day after, where we stay together watch movies and play games. It's not Santa bringing the presents in the night of the 25th, no it's the "Christ child" or in German "Christkind" coming on the 24th when it gets dark.

Now, let me tell you more about the 24th at my house. First of all, I sleep in, always. Then I have breakfast with my family. After that I go back to my room, turn on some Christmas music or start a movie on my laptop, then I start wrapping all the presents (this year this happened a bit earlier, on Monday already). I love wrapping up all the presents. I get to choose some nice silver and white paper and afterwards decorate it in my own style. Almost every year, my dad and brother give me something to wrap as well. “You can do that better than I do”. Then we have a small lunch, since we’ll have a big dinner afterwards. After lunch I finish wrapping everything and bring the presents down to spread under the tree (We always decorate it the evening before - not this year again, because we are going away after Christmas and wanted to look at the tree longer, so we put it up before).
At around 2 pm it’s time for coffee and tea with desert and then we start getting things ready for dinner. It’s funny how we work as a team then ;), of course there is always Christmas music in the background and we start fooling around. Some funny dances were created because of that.
Then it’s definitely time to get ready, before everyone arrives. I like to dress up a bit and
look nice at Christmas. After that I get everything ready for our “aperitif”.  My uncle always picks my grandparents up and they arrive together. We have prosecco or champagne and nip a little something. It’s always fun to catch up and talk properly. Then it’s time for the salad and our “Fondue Chinoise” (It’s not the famous cheese fondue everybody knows, no it’s meat Fondue). That’s our tradition here, we have it every year and it’s so yummy with different sauces.
Time for presents now!!! My brother and I always get the presents under the Christmas tree and give them to our family and then we take turns unpacking them. It’s always so much fun, especially when you don’t know what’s in them.
After the presents we get back to the food again, with some Chinoise soup and the a yummy desert with coffee and Christmas cookies. Slowly we come to the end of the day and we all go to bed happy and content. 


  1. Beautiful post Simona! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! Lots of love! xx

    1. Thank you Alba <3 Have a wonderful time as well xx