Thursday, 19 October 2017

No-one Ever Has Sex on Christmas Day – by Tracy Bloom

Original Cover
My own copy

The blurb:

Don’t you always plan the perfect Christmas? 
Don’t you always think it will be the best one ever? 
And doesn’t something – usually one of your loved ones – always come along and screw it up? 

Katy’s been spending too much time in the office and not enough time with her family so she wants it all: snow (fake or real), the Michael Bublé Christmas album, whatever it takes. 

There’s only one thing missing as far as her husband Ben is concerned: another baby to complete their family. Katy isn’t so sure… 

Ben may be playing the role of Master Elf in the pre-school nativity but he is struggling to master his own family life. With romantically-challenged friends, an ex who refuses to go away and Katy's mum's 64-year-old toy boy thrown into the mix, Christmas looks like it could be going off the rails… Never mind family planning, can Katy and Ben even plan to make it to the end of Christmas Day? 

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

This book is part of a series, I haven’t read the two previous books, but I have read a Tracy Bloom book before, so I wanted to give this a go.

I really enjoyed this story, but I think I would have enjoyed it even more after reading the first two books of the series.

The story follows Katy and Ben. They are married and have a daughter. Katy is very busy at work and a great opportunity comes up for her. Ben is a teacher at pre-school and really wants another baby. Katy has other things on her mind though.

On top of that there are Katy’s mum and toy boy coming for Christmas and some of their friends play an important role in this book too.
And then there is Matthew, Katy’s ex. Matthew and his pregnant wife Alison add to the story as well.

The book has a great mixture of characters and there are so many LOL moments and it’s a very entertaining read. The storyline has a wonderful flow and a lot of sparkly elements.


Tracy Bloom on Twitter: @TracyBBloom

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

GIVEAWAY! - Christmas at the Falling Down Guesthouse by Lilly Bartlett

Win 4 dozen homemade Christmas cookies from Sunday Times bestselling author Michele Gorman, aka Lilly Bartlett!

Enter to WIN 4 dozen Christmas cookies baked by the author! Unlike poor Lottie in Christmas at the Falling-Down Guesthouse, she’s a keen cook who grew up baking every Christmas with her mum – dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of cookies to fuel the family through the season. This year, she’ll be baking for YOU!

The giveaway is global and the winner will be randomly selected on November 1st. To enter, sign up HERE for Michele’s/Lilly’s newsletter (around 3x per year, you can unsubscribe easily at any time and your details will never be shared). 

About the book
Put your feet up and tuck into the mince pies, because you won’t have to lift a finger to enjoy this Christmas!

Too bad the same can’t be said for single mother and extremely undomestic goddess, Lottie.

When her beloved Aunt Kate ends up in hospital just before Christmas, Lottie and her seven-year-old daughter rush to rural Wales to take over her B&B. A picky hotel reviewer and his mad family are coming to stay, and without the rating only he can give them, Aunt Kate will lose her livelihood.

But Lottie can barely run her own life, let alone a hotel. How will she manage to turn the falling-down guesthouse into the luxurious wonderland the reviewer expects? And could the mysterious taxi driver, Danny, who agrees to help her, turn out to be the real gift this season?

As the snow sparkles on the trees and hot chocolate steams in your hand, snuggle into the delicious magic of Christmas at the Falling-Down Guesthouse.


Get ready to meet Britain's Worst InnkeeperAMAZON

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The truth about teacher clichés

There are a lot of teacher clichés and stereotypes out there and as a teacher I’m confronted by them every single day. Parents, pupils and especially in my every day like.

Most of these clichés don’t apply to me at all, so I’m writing this post to tell you guys, how teachers feel about these clichés

-       Teachers have a lot of free time and holidays –> This is definitely not true. I have mentioned this in previous posts already. When we are done teaching, we have to correct, prepare and write comments. This all happens after or outside our working hours. The same goes for holidays. Yes, obviously we get more weeks, but half of these contain work. 

-       Teachers don’t have lives outside school! –> NOT TRUE AT ALL! We have hobbies, enjoy our days off and spend time with friends and family. I sing in two choirs at the moment, I blog, I read, I go to hockey games, drink coffees with friends etc.

-       Teachers are not cool! –> Well, that just depends on the personality of the person and the definition of cool right?! Teachers can definitely be cool and according to my students I can be cool ;)

-       Teachers are never wrong –> We make mistakes as well and I actually think it’s important that the children see that. We don’t know everything.

-       Teachers are frumpy and old-fashioned! –> NO!!! We can be stylish too. I love fashion and shopping and I think I have a great style, not boring at all.

-       Teachers are out to get you –> Not al all, we want the best for our students and try to support them where we can.

-    It's your own time you're wasting! –> This one applies to me too. I use it from time to time, to show my pupils that they didnt use their time well.

There are so many different types of teachers out there and that’s totally fine. We are all unique and have our own style right?!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Joe and Clara’s Christmas Countdown – by Katey Lovell

Original Cover
My own copy

The blurb:

‘Warm and romantic, every page is sprinkled with Christmas magic’ Cressida McLaughlin, author of The Canal Boat Cafe
This Christmas she’ll give her heart to someone special…

As Christmas approaches Joe Smith knows he should be celebrating with friends and family, making the most of the season. But for Joe, Christmas only holds painful memories. Ones he can feel crushing his heart, a reminder of a time he can never forget.

Clara O'Connell loves Christmas. For her it is the most magical time of the year. And she's determined to make Joe love it too! She knows he's hurting, but maybe she can help to ease his pain. Her plan: One special gift every day to remind Joe just how loved he is.

But the clock is ticking. Will the Christmas magic wear off at midnight or will Clara's Christmas countdown be the perfect gift to heal Joe's broken heart? And in doing so, maybe she will get a gift in return…Joe's love for Christmas and forever…?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I was intrigued by the sound of this book from the start, the title is great and the cover as well; they fit they story perfectly.

Clara O’Connell works at Manchester youth club together with her boss Deirdre. Clara loves Christmas and does everything to keep up the atmosphere. She is heartbroken, because her ex cheated on her and she is not interested in men at all at the moment.

Joe Smith, has gone through a lot in his past, losing the love of his life. It has changed him. Now, he is back home volunteering at the youth club. He doesn’t have positive memories connected to Christmas, so it’s a really hard time of the year for him.

Joe and Clara meet at the club. Together they do everything for funding it and keep it running. Clara realises fast that Joe hates Christmas and he sees how her past has affected her as well. The come up with little “dates” for him to show her that not all men are jerks and in return she tries to make him love Christmas again.

Like this they spend a lot of time together and open up to each other. They even share their deepest secretes with each other and it was great to see them grow closer and closer. It was like seeing their chemistry build up, in a very beautiful way. Connected to all these Christmassy happenings and other eventful moments, the storyline was strong and addictive.

Both characters grow in this book and it’s so nice to see. This countdown gives the story a wonderful flow and Katey Lovell’s writing is so passionate and sweet. I absolutely adored this festive read!


Katey Lovell on Twitter: @Katey5678