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Q&A with Emma Jones

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Today I'm happy to welcome Emma Jones for a Q&A on my blog. She was so kind and answered me some questions, thank you Emma, xxx.


Hi, I'm Emma. I have always absolutely loved reading and remember reading The Worst Witch, Judy Blume and Point Horror when I was younger. I have dabbled in writing for 6 years but only recently decided to dip my toe into the self publishing world after months of deliberation. My writing started as a hobby whilst on maternity leave but over the last 12 months has become my passion. I love all things vampire so naturally my first book is based on this theme. My first book The Awakening is out now and will be followed soon my a short story called Origins which focuses on Drake and Emily. I hope you enjoy. Please pop along to my Facebook page and say hello or leave any comments.


1. What do you enjoy most about writing? 

The freedom and creativity.

2. You’re a self-published author, how is it different from having a publisher? 

I'm not 100% sure as I've never had a publisher.  I imagine one of the main differences is the support and contacts. A publisher would be able to help you with edits, marketing and contacts within the book industry. Obviously being self published you have to manage all these aspects yourself.

3. Your first book The Awakening is a paranormal romance, the ideal genre for you? 

I love vampires & paranormal themes.  As a teenager I loved the film Lost Boys and Interview with a Vampire and read loads of Point Horror books so it is the ideal genre for my debut book.

4. When you’re not writing what do you enjoy most? 

Spending time with my family and friends. In summer I love nothing more than being in my garden with friends and family having a BBQ.

5. What books have most influenced your life most?

My love of reading began with books like The Worst Witch, Point Horror and Judy Blume. As an adult the first books I read were by Marian Keyes who was my introduction to chick lit. More recently I absolutely loved Before I go to Sleep by S J Watson.

6. Can you tell us a little more about The Awakening? 

The Awakening is about Lauren and how her relationship with Gavin brings paranormal information and activity to her life.  It is about how she copes with this information and whether their relationship can survive.

7. Where and when do you write your stories? 

The Awakening began when I was on maternity leave and I would write in the afternoon's whilst my son had a nap.  When I returned to work I didn't write for about a year. I now usually write a couple of evenings a week when the kids are tucked up in bed. I have a day job so time is always an issue.

8. How would you describe your style of writing? 

My writing is aimed at the YA market and is influenced by the books I read myself as a young adult.  It is not high brow or overly complex. I don't think I'd be able to write a physiological thriller as I don't have the depth of knowledge to make it believable or the time to develop a complex plot with lots of twists and turns.  I think my writing is about believable likeable real life characters that teenagers would relate to.  I have another book in the pipeline also aimed at teens and is about three best friends in year 11 at school embarking on their GCSE's and the main characters struggle with school, a family death and not feeling good enough.

9. What’s the hardest part about writing? 

For me it is always time.  A few times whilst at work I've thought of a brilliant scene but forgot half the details by the time I can actually write it down several hours later.  I do try to make some notes but I can't always do that whilst at work.

10. If you could switch places with a character of a book, who would it be and why? 

Wow I'm not sure. I might have to pass on that one.

11. If you were shipwrecked on a desert island what 3 books would you want with you? 

Before I go to sleep S J Watson, Bridget Jones Diary Helen Fielding and Time Travellers Wife Audrey Niffenegger 

12. You also wrote a children’s story. What’s your favourite childhood book? 

I loved The Worst Witch as a child. Having two children I have discovered loads of amazing children's books. Both my children loved the Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman and my daughter loves the Trouble with Daisy books at the moment.  My son likes anything with cars, trains or diggers.  I would love to one day have a children's picture book published.

13. Coffee or tea? 

100% tea. I don't like coffee at all.

14. Paperback or e-reader? 

I'm 100% kindle now so ebook but still love paperbacks and have 100 or so in a box that I can't part with.

15. Mountains or the sea? 


16. Summer or winter? 


17. Sweet or salty? 


Emma on Twitter: @booksemmajones


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