Saturday, 12 April 2014

My favourite TV Series

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I love watching TV series, I really do. Not as much as reading and blogging, but it is so much fun and a great change from everyday life. When I was younger I watched them all in german of course, but now I hate doing that, because the voices sound strange and the characters don’t seem real, so only English for me. I like a lot of TV series, so I had to limit myself for today, six it is (I wanted to do my Top 5, but I couldn't), let me tell you: It was really hard, but here they are.

One Tree Hill
That’s be far my favourite one and it will always be. I have all the nine seasons at home and I watch them over and over again. The characters are great and I love the actors, especially James Lafferty ;) There was also a lot of music included in the storyline, which I really enjoyed. Nathan and Haley are an amazing couple and Jamie, so adorable. I can’t tell you how much I love this series. Brooke and Julian are so cute together and to be honest I wasn't a big fan of Lucas and Peyton and I was glad when Quinn and Clay came along. AWESOME series!!! 

This is the adult version of Glee and it’s amazing. The songs are great and I instantly liked the storyline. There are such amazing and talented actors involved, especially Jeremy Jordan and Katharine McPhee. It’s about a Marlyn Monroe musical which is developing and they’re lookng fort he cast. In the second season it gets competition of a new Musical: Hit List. I wish Hit List could be a real musical, the songs are absolutely brilliant. A TV series full of music, love, friendship and drama.

Gossip Girl

 A TV series with a lot of drama and adventures. I always watched it with so much pleasure and curiosity. A lot of great ideas which were included in the storylines and wonderful and fresh actors. It was never boring or dull and I loved that it was set in New York. I really want to go there now.

 Grey’s Anatomy
The only doctor’s series I watch and I love it. It’s so much fun and every character has an interesting story to follow. They all interact and still have enough place to shine on their own and I really admire that. A lot of sad things happened in these past seasons and it’s still a new episode every time. I’m really curious what the future holds fort he series. Oh and Derek and Meredith are so cute together.


I love love love this series. I was gripped with the three sisters from the start and especially when Paige came along, I didn’t really like Prue (don’t ask me why). The 6th season is my favourite, because Drew Fuller is awesome. Every single episode was special and of course magigal, not only magical in the obvious way, but also with the ideas fort he storyline and the brilliant acting.

Hart of Dixie

I recently discovered this wonderful TV series and I am so addicted. The cast is awesome and the plot is funny, dramatic, real, vivid and fascinating. It's always full of surprises and set in a beautiful place. I'm finished with season 1 soon, can't wait for more!!! 

What are your favourite TV series?