Saturday, 19 April 2014

My Bachelor thesis

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So here a little more about my BA thesis.
I actually had 2 years to work on it, because I changed from „kindergarden“ to „primary school“ after three semesters.

I wanted to do something creative and I’ve always liked children’s books and well you all know about my passion for music.
I decided to combine the two and created a story with a class first. They were in 2nd grade at the time, this was 2 years ago. I gave the kids a theme: Pirates and we made different tasks with that. I showed them pictures of pirates, boats etc. and collected the kid’s thoughts, they created a theatre in groups in the end. With all of that I started writing the text (in German of course) and included all their ideas. Then I had to write the theoretical part about children’s books and also about how to put it into music. I did the music with the same kids. I wrote two pirates songs and did other different things including music. The two pirate crews got a special melody, we put a storm and a sunrise into music etc.
When I had the story I wanted to find someone to draw the pictures. I didn’t want the children to do that as well, because they had so much to do already and it would have been difficult, because they all have different styles. A woman from my theatre group is really talented and we sat together discussing everything. I so happy I found her, the pictures are brilliant.

Now I have to finish up the book and edit and print the thesis. In the end there will be the written thesis, the childeren’s book and a CD added with the music.


  1. looks and sounds amazing hun!! So proud of you! ;-) xxx

  2. First, I would like to congratulate for completing your bachelor thesis and that is really so good and i would say that it's a result of your hard work that makes it so good and the pictures are brilliant and hope you soon finish the rest of writing part of your thesis. all the best.