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Aven Ellis on the inspiration for Waiting For Prince Harry + BOOK TRAILER

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Today's the day: Aven Ellis' second book Waiting For Prince Harry is finally released, go grab your copy now: Amazon UK
I have a big #AvenSpecial planned for today and tomorrow, starting with Aven telling us all about her inspiration for the book, thank you hun for sending me this, xxx.
After this wonderful inspiration text there is a trailer for the book, check it out and share it with everyone.
Tonight I'll post my review on the book and then tomorrow I will share some lovely quotes out of WFPH and we will talk about "our Prince Harry".
First up now, Aven and her inspiration for this AMAZING book.

The inspiration for Waiting For Prince Harry

Waiting For Prince Harry is the first book I wrote after finishing Connectivity. As I was half-way through writing Connectivity, I started to worry about what I would write next. Would I be able to create a couple as magical as William and MK, the main characters in Connectivity? A hero just as swoon-worthy as William Cumberland, yet a completely different person? Could I come up with another heroine with new obstacles and challenges to face in a new setting?

Happily, the answer is YES.

When I thought about the story I wanted to write, I came back to a conversation I had at the office one day. I work in sports television production, and I was talking to a hockey director. We were discussing players and the life of a professional athlete. And as we were talking, I thought of an interesting dynamic:  what about the player who bypassed higher education to pursue the sport? Would that person ever have regrets? Feel they missed out? And Harrison Flynn began to take shape in my head.

Then I thought of the heroine he needed in his life. Kylie Reed was also inspired by a
moment at work. I was talking to a different co-worker, and she had a picture on her desk of her son and his girlfriend. And she was a beautiful brunette, just breathtaking, with a warm smile and kind eyes. And I knew I had Harrison’s match and her name would be Kylie. Their story would be one of facing fears—and learning to face them with the help of each other. My previous book was set in London and Chicago; I wanted a entirely new setting and decided this story would take place in Dallas, my hometown. And it all came together. Really, now that I think about it—the day job has done wonders for my writing, hasn’t it? LOL.

Now how the heck did Prince Harry get into this story?
I have always loved the Royal Family. I love Kate and William, and I find Harry utterly charming and…okay, fine, HOT. And I know if I were 24 years old like Kylie, he would hands down be my number one celebrity crush.  And I started thinking about all those quizzes you see people taking on Facebook and thought what if I had Kylie take a quiz and Prince Harry—her dream guy—be one of the answers?  Initially that was the only pop question in the book, at the beginning of chapter one, but my critique partners said it was so fun that there should be one at the start of every chapter. So  that became a running theme of the book, as well as the heroine finding her very own Prince Harry in Harrison Flynn.

So thanks to a random conversation, a picture, and my own love of Prince Harry all served as inspiration for my second novel. And this just proves inspiration can come to you at any time, doesn’t it?

Aven Ellis on Twitter: @AvenEllis


Waiting For Prince Harry - Amazon UK - Amazon US
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