Monday, 7 April 2014

A Musical Chat with The Girl in The Moonlight

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The Girl in the Moonlight and I were so happy with our BookSwap (HERE and HERE) post, that we wanted to do something similar again. Since we both love Musicals, we instantly knew that it has to be related to the Musical Theatre world. So here we are. We both prepared questions for the other person to answer on the topic. Here are her answers on my questions.
You can my answers HERE.
And now... ENJOY :)

      1. Tell us about the first moment you came in contact with Musicals.

The first musical I watched was Grease. I fell in love... with it all: Danny Zuko; the songs; the dance; the way everything fitted together perfectly. I would watch it at least three times a week and dance and sing along to it (to be honest, I still do).

            2. Did you see any Musicals live? If yes, which ones?

      Seeing musicals on stage is on of my favourite things! I've seen Wicked, Les Miserables, Grease, Hairspray, Dirty Dancing and Legally Blonde The Musical live.

            3. Imagine you get a role in a Musical. What role and what Musical would you choose?

      If we're imagining I also have a talent worthy of musicals, I think I would have to choose Elphaba from Wicked. From I'm Not That Girl to Defying Gravity to For Good, the actresses of the many Elphabas have voices that reduce me to genuine tears. Not only this, but the character of Elphaba has awesome morals and I also have a massive crush on Fiyero!

          4. Which book would you turn into a Musical?

      I would turn The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern into a musical. It would be slightly dark and very mystical and I feel like some epic love ballads would emerge from the musical as well as some fun, magical songs!

         5. What’s your favourite Musical and why?

     Oh, I can't do it, Simona! I can't choose one! *Focusses.* My top four are Wicked, Les Mis, Grease and Hairspray, but if pushed, I THINK (it hurts to choose between Les Mis and Wicked) I'd choose Wicked! I love them all for different reasons. Les Mis is exciting and sweet; Grease is just awesome and Hairspray is quirky and makes me dance! Wicked is... I can't find the words... it's dramatic and gorgeous and clever and... I just love it.

        6. Which Musical has the best soundtrack?

       I lovelovelove both the Wicked and Les Mis soundtracks! The Wicked soundtrack is so dramatic and yet so sweet and sad and happy. It's just oozing gorgeousness and incredible talent. Then there's the Les Mis soundtrack which has heart-breaking and gorgeous songs and the exciting, let's-all-come-together-and-do-something kinds of songs. The voices in the musical are always so stunning. Les Mis is my motivational soundtrack!

        7. Take your favourite Musical and put together your own dream cast.

       Okay, so we'll say Wicked...
       Elphaba: Carrie Hope Fletcher 
       Glinda: Ashley Tisdale- I think she'd be an AWESOME Glinda!
       Fiyero: (I hope this counts) Billy Buskin from the novel Billy and Me

8. Who is your favourite Musical composer?

       Stephen Schwarz, the composer and lyricist of Wicked!
       9. Which Musical made/makes you cry?

      Les Mis is the musical that makes me almost drown in my tears the most as the whole story is so heart-breakingly beautiful. With Wicked, I cry at the stunning note in Defying Gravity. I also tend to cry at the end of Dirty Dancing and, *grins excitedly at the thought of these films*, each High School Musical does make me shed a tear! It must be said, however, that, if I see a musical live then I'm going to cry at least at when the cast bow because it makes me so teary and happy that they have a talent that brings me such joy!

      10.  A lot of Musical have been turned into movies, do you have a favourite out of these movies and what Musical should be turned into a movie?

      Hairspray and Les Mis are my favourites. Hairspray makes me grin so much and I'm a mahoooosive Zac Efron fan and Les Mis is a fantastic adaptation! Wicked could be fabulous as a movie!

      11.  What usually grabs you most in a musical? The music, the acting...

      I'd say the music. The acting and the dancing are a close second but, for me, the music is entrancing and beautiful and, well, whilst I'm not going to get up whilst watching Hairspray at home and start dancing... Wait, bad example. Okay... I'm not going to get up whilst watching Dirty Dancing and join in with the dancing whereas I'll happily belt out The Time of My Life, slouched across the sofa. It's the singing, personally, that makes me involved with the musical.

      12.  Your favourite musical actor and actress?

      My favourite musical actor is, along with Zac Efron (as he's one of my favourite actors!), Lee Mead.
      My favourite musical actress is Carrie Hope Fletcher. She's incredible in Les Mis and I hope (I don't doubt that she will) she gets her dream of becoming Elphaba because it's a dream of mine to see her perform as her.

     13.  Is there a movie you’d like to see adapted to a musical?

      I believe there is real talk of Frozen, the Disney film, becoming a musical on broadway and I have every finger crossed. The music is incredible and I love the story. I so hope it happens!

     14. If you could choose a job in the Musical theatre business, what would it be and why?

      I don't think this is cheating: a member of staff at the theatre. They're definitely part of the whole process and I'd love to watch glimpses/parts of performances every day!

     15. The most impressive performance in Musical theatre in your eyes?

      I have two:
-    Defying Gravity from Wicked
-    On My Own from Les Mis
      Defying Gravity is I-have-chills-I'm-seriously-shaking incredible. I'm so emotional watching it at the theatre and an excited performer at home, whilst I belt out that beautiful tune. Then there's On My Own. It's so gorgeous. Every note is heart-breaking and captivating; there's so much to that beautiful song.

    16. Do you prefer Musicals which are song through or with spoken dialogues?

      It's difficult. I don't think I have a favourite. Les Mis is completely entrancing with it all being sung but equally, Wicked is incredible, sung and unsung. I think it can be magical either way!

     17. How important are the lyrics of a Musical for you?

      I hold a lot of importance with lyrics. Lyrics excite me a lot. When an actor or actress are singing on stage or on the telly, emotion is seen with both the lyrics and the music. They come hand-in-hand. 

     18. What role plays dancing in a Musical in your opinion?

      I admire dancing... a lot. Although I can't do it, I also can't sing and so, when watching a musical, I am entranced by the sight of dancing. I especially love the dancing in Grease and Hairspray!


  1. Yay, here we are again! Thank you for having me on your blog Simona! These posts are so much fun.

    1. You're welcome, thanks for having me as well. I love your posts <3 xxx

  2. What a cool idea for a Q&A! Love it! I totally see Frozen as a musical--it will be a huge hit. There's no doubt in my mind they'll do it! Now off to read Simona's answers...