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Prince Harry - Prince Charming


Lovelies, it's the second day and also the last post of my #AvenSpecial all around the release of Aven's second book Waiting for Prince Harry. You can my the review here: Waiting for Prince Harry Review If you'd like to know more about Aven's inspiration, you can do it here: Aven Ellis Guest Post And lastly, here are some quotes I took out of the book: Quotes from Waiting From Prince Harry

For this last post I asked some lovely and wonderful blogger friends to talk about their Prince Harry.
Some of us already found their soulmate, some are still searching. Is there even THE ONE for everyone and what kind of personality does he need to have? Read these lovely memories and sentences of these amazing ladies here.

Have you found your Prince Harry/ Prince Charming yet? How does THE ONE have to be? What does love mean to you? Is there a soulmate for everyone?

Kirsty from Love of a Good Book: Although I haven't met my Prince Charming yet, I live in hope that he is out there waiting for me.
I envision him to have amazing eyes, toned arms that would protect me and a face I would want to look at for the rest of my life!  
He would have an incredible personality, with a brilliant sense of humour and be very family orientated.
We would share a mutual love of books and holidays.

Emma from Chicklit vs Fantasy: I found my Prince Harry almost 5 years ago. He is the most amazing man. He would do absolutely anything for me and does most of the time. I'm constantly asking him to do things thinking he will say no but he rarely does. He is sweet, kind and caring. I love him with all my heart and don't know what I would do without him.

Erin from Erin's Choice: I've met my Prince Charming! I met my lovely boyfriend 7 years ago this year and we've been together for 7 years this March. One of my favourite moments, although there have been very many, was when we went to London for the weekend last year for his birthday. I love London so much and I was really hoping Phil would love it as much as me and he did!

Frances: My “Prince Harry” made me feel like a princess on our wedding day.

Alba from Addictive Chick-Lit: So, about my prince Harry! I met mine more than 7 years ago in a bar! Yep, just like Kylie! I didn't fall on his lap but we started dancing together and then we started talking and that was it! I think I fell in love with him that same night (I was only 17 back then but I just couldn't get him out of my mind and he felt the same! yay!) This name is Josep, by the way.
We have been together ever since even when I went to the UK for a year and a half and when he went to the Czech Republic for a year too. We live together now, finally! and we couldn't be more in love! I know it is cheesy, but you should see us, we are cheesy... ;) 
My favourite moments are two: the first one is when he wrote a song for me after we had been together of a year. He sang it to me with his guitar and it was the most romantic moment of my life. The second one is when he came to London to visit me. It was the 23rd of April (In Catalonia, where I live, this is the day of love, like st valentine's but the tradition says that the boy buys a rose for the girl and the girl buys a book for the boy). And he came to my place with a bouquet of roses! 

Laura Delve from Laura's Little Book Blog: If yes, My Prince Charming would be protective, kind and caring. He would make me laugh and be interested in what I have to say and also be an avid book reader like me (well that would be an added bonus if he did).

Victoria Browne: My Prince Harry is Prince Jon. We met at a fancy dress party so I had no idea what colour his hair was under the wig he was wearing. Luckily I like a ginger!  

I'm not exaggerating when I say there are too many fun moments to choose from, we literally laugh all the time. The most recent romantic moment was Jon proposing to me on Christmas Day, he put my ring inside a Christmas tree decoration. The most recent silliest moment was our selfie with a giraffe! 

Ananda from This Chick Reads: I met my Prince in 2003 and immediately fell in love. From our first kiss and our first hug I knew he's THE ONE. And once again my intuition didn't fail me. We got married and are celebrating our 10th Anniversary this July! 10 wonderful years filled with love and laughter. So next time you hear people say love at first sight is nonsense, think about it twice. 

Jo: I am still looking for my Prince Harry.  I think as I have got older I have become more choosy or fussy and won’t just settle for anyone, which makes it hard to find my Prince Harry.
When I was younger I used to love the old films like Gone with the Wind, my ideal man used to be a gentleman like Rhett Butler (Clarke Gable).  So now here I am in my 40’s still looking but there is always hope for me. 

Over the years my taste in men has changed but I’m still looking for the perfect gentleman.

Now I just have crushes on the following stars

David Tennant in Dr Who
Sam Worthington

And one from when I was a teenager, John Taylor from Duran Duran.

As no man is perfect I think I will stick to my book boyfriends until he comes along.
Prince Caedmon in The Golden Key Chronicles by @AJNuest
Archer in The Keepers Series by @rearivers1
Damon in the Gingerbread Café books by @jaxandwillsmum

The list is endless and not forgetting Rhett Butler as Gone with the Wind has been released again, I need to read it for the millionth time.

Thanks for allowing me to write this for you Simona.

Maryline from M's BookshelfTwo years ago I found my Prince Charming. I wasn't looking for it and I didn't expect it, but I guess that's the best way to fall in love. My prince is named Thomas. We met at university through mutual friends. It's hard to think of a favorite moment or a specific thing that makes him my 'Prince'. I guess it's just the way he makes me feel loved, how I'm always "his pretty girl" and mostly how easy and natural things are between us. He fit into my family from the start and I that means the world to me. I love how we can both be silly or romantic, and how we both are completely comfortable with each other. I love how he loves me for who I am.

Rebecca from Becca's Books: Some people spend their whole lives searching for their Prince Charming. Luckily for me, I found mine at the age of sixteen, and I’m still crazily in love with him five years later. 
My Prince Charming is absolutely beautiful in my eyes. Dark hair, gorgeous eyes and treats me like a princess, even when I don’t deserve it. He’s completely selfless, kind, considerate and caring. He also knows me better than anyone else, and I could trust him completely with my life.
One thing that I majorly love about my Prince Charming is the fact that he loves my family just as much as I do. Being the eldest of seven children, I always worried about them not liking my other half, or vice versa, as they play such a huge role in my life. Fortunately for me, my siblings and my Prince Charming get along perfectly. I love watching him spending time with them, it makes my heart glow, and I just know that he’s going to make an amazing father someday.
If I had to choose a favourite moment from the huge collection, I’d say it was when we first met each other. We were only young, both incredibly shy, but couldn’t stop peeking tiny glances in each other’s direction. It was magical. That attraction that pulls you to another human being is indescribable. He was perfect then, and always will be.
Prince Charming and I have had a fantastic five years together so far. I think what you need in your Prince Charming is completely unique to each person in the world. You won’t know until you find him and he’s standing right there in front of you. Appearance is brilliant, but I love the fact that my Prince Charming can make me laugh, smile and feel on top of the world when I’m feeling crappy.

 Kelly from Compelling Reads: Chris is my best friend in the whole world and after 10 fantastic years together we have made some of the best memories! Every day he treats me like a princess and I love him with all that I am.

My Prince Harry:

I haven’t met my Prince Charming yet, but I’m sure he’s out there somewhere.
The looks are not really important to me, but if I could pick he’d have dark wavy hair and blue eyes like Henry Cavill or be like Chris Hemsworth with a deep sexy voice.
He would have a great personality, be interested in similar thing like I am, he’d have the same humour and also be intelligent. Family should be important to him as well, as I’m a family person.
If he’s also interested in books and music, that would be perfect <3.

I’d imagine him to be caring and romantic as well and that I would feel safe and at home in his arms.

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