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Third Time Lucky – The Honey Trap – by Victoria Browne

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The blurb:

A fast moving witty chick lit drama that will take you on a journey of laughter and revelations.

Good friends Sarah a sensible simple soul, Laura bitchy complicated, Beth a ‘too cool for school’ high school teacher, and Jess a funky hairdresser, decide to honey trap Jess's new American boyfriend Richard. How could such a simple plan go wrong? Just add Jess’s new flat mate, hot sexy Elise to the mix, a few glasses of wine and you have a cocktail fit for disaster – especially when Elise honey traps the wrong boyfriend! Good friends are all Sarah needs when her uncomplicated life is jettisoned into chaos.

Dan, Sarah’s boyfriend makes some shady life choices. But who is friend and who is foe?

Wealthy bachelor Lee Preston sets his sights on Sarah and all Lee wants is to make her happy. Life could be fantastic when money is no object and your closet is filled with designer shoes, Oh, and his with secrets.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

I read Victoria Browne’s first book Gut Feeling last year and really liked it.
The blurb of The Honey Trap sounded great and like my kind of book.

I really like the idea of the book, with honey trapping a boyfriend, sounds like so much fun.
The story follows Sarah and her friends Laura, Jess and Beth. They seemed like a great bunch of friends from the start and I loved following them around. I found it a bit hard to relate to any of them though, mostly because I felt like they weren’t properly lined out. Sarah was the main focus and we learned a lot about her, but then they others were included as well. I got a bit confused of who was really telling the story. On one hand we were able to read about Sarah’s feelings, but then suddenly someone else seemed to take over.

So they honey trap the wrong boyfriend and that’s where it all starts, Sarah’s life changes drastically. I was glad she got rid of Dan, because he seemed boring and dull. But of course I felt bad for her, but when she met Lee though I had some hope. He seemed so nice and perfect for her. After a while his secrets started though and Sarah kind of wasn’t herself anymore, just letting him buy her everything, I couldn’t understand that.

First she was betrayed by Dan and her best friend, would the same happen again?! I was glad she had Beth and Jess throughout the whole story, they were there for her and they added a great spark to it.

For me the story moved a bit to fast, without connections and any details. This made the storyline difficult to follow and I felt it was a pity, because the general ideas were all so great.

What I really like about Victoria’s writing are the funny and memorable scenes she can create. There are so many LOL moments and very entertaining little bits, that made this story special.

All in all, I can say that I will definitely read more of Browne’s stories, even if this one wasn’t really for me.


My possible cast:

Sarah: Lily Collins

Jess: Emily VanCamp

Beth: Sophie Turner

Laura: Jennifer Lawrence

Victoria on Twitter: @VixBrowneAuthor

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