Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Excerpts of Life's A Beach And Then... by Julia Roberts

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Blurb: Holly Wilson has landed a dream job but there is one proviso… she must keep it secret, and that means telling lies. Holly hates telling lies.

Her latest assignment has brought her to the paradise island of Mauritius where she meets a British couple, Robert and Rosemary, who share a tragic secret of their own.

The moment they introduce Holly to handsome writer, Philippe, she begins to fall in love, something she hasn’t allowed herself to do for twenty years.

But Philippe has not been completely honest either and when Holly stumbles across the truth, she feels totally betrayed.


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Author Bio: 

 Following the launch of her first book, Julia needed a well-deserved break and booked a holiday to Mauritius. Her children, now adults, had bought her a notebook with words on the cover that read Hold on people…  I’m having an Idea. On the first morning of her holiday, Julia had just that – the idea for her first novel. 

Over the course of the ten days she was in Mauritius, she scribbled copious notes, thoughts and ideas. When she arrived home, she started writing.
Life’s a Beach is part one of the Liberty Sands trilogy.  Julia has already started writing book two, If He Really Loved Me… , which she hopes to finish in the Autumn.

Excerpt 1:

Robert cradled his wine glass in his hand and swirled the red liquid around gently to warm it. He smiled as he thought about the unnecessary action, after all the early evening temperature was still in the late twenties and would warm his Chateau Neuf du Pape without any intervention from him. A shiver trembled through his body as he looked at the deep red of the wine. It reminded him of blood and there had been so much blood over the last two years. He shook his head to try and clear morbid thoughts, then lifted his gaze to admire the beautiful sunset. It was one of his and his wife Rosemary’s favourite things to do. He thought briefly about waking her but decided instead to deal with her annoyance at missing nature’s awesome display later. He breathed in the warm air scented with frangipani. The decision to come to Mauritius had been the right one, even though it was against the advice of the doctors. The break would do them both good in preparation for the tough road that lay ahead.

Excerpt 2:

Holly wanted to pinch herself to make sure this was really happening and not just some cruel dream.
‘This is my favourite thing to do,’ she confided. ‘Walking along a beach at the water’s edge with the sun smiling on me.’
‘Mine too,’ agreed Philippe. ‘But I would add in the company of someone special.’
He stepped across in front of her and took her face in both his hands. He leaned forward slightly and for a moment Holly thought he was going to kiss her.
‘Don’t lock yourself away from the world, Holly,’ he said. ‘He’s gone and he’s not coming back.’
Holly leant in to Philippe’s chest and stayed there for several moments.
This is all happening too quickly, her sensible head told her. He knows I’m vulnerable, maybe he is just after one thing. But her heart was telling her something else. He is the first man you have felt this way about in twenty years, perhaps it’s time to move on.

Excerpt 3:

Holly was crying now, huge gulping sobs in between her words. ‘Then her voice turned to ice and she told me that if I didn’t have an abortion she would never speak to me again.’
Rosemary had both her arms around the distraught Holly now, rocking her like a baby and stroking her hair away from her face to try and soothe her.
‘But your mum calmed down and changed her mind surely?’ Rosemary asked, ‘once she realised you wanted to keep your baby.’
Holly shook her head sadly. ‘No,’ she said, ‘and to make matters worse she forbade my dad from having any contact with me.’
‘So she has never spoken to you since?’ Rosemary asked incredulously.
‘Just once,’ Holly said. ‘At my dad’s funeral.’
Holly could still remember the venom in her mother’s voice when she had spat out the words.
‘I wish it was you and that bastard child of yours in that box instead of him.’

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