Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Beauty of Switzerland – Brunnen

Last Saturday I went my mum’s friend had a vernissage and I decided to go there as well. It was a warm and sunny, but the weather forecast said rain. I still decided to wear a dress and thank god I did. It was such a lovely day.

The vernissage was great. The paintings looked amazing and it was a wonderful experience finding little objects, people or animals in them. My mum’s friend does intuitive paintings and there is no concept behind that. At the end there is this amazing result and the first words that come to her mind become the title.
We joined a drink and some snacks there and then decided to move on to the village. 

Brunnen is located in the canton of Schwyz, central Switzerland. It’s surrounded by lots of beautiful mountains and it’s also se t at a lake: the „Vierwaldstättersee“, I don’t think we have an English for the lake ;).
It’s a small little village, very cute with lots of independent shops. The stores were closed, so we walked to the lake and sat down right next to it for a drink and a small dinner. It was so nice, the sun was shining, the view was great, just so relaxing.
We even got some free entertainment. There was a wedding at the hotel, so first of all I was checking out the bride, her hair, der dress and then also the guests, that’s always so much fun. You can come up with stories about their backgrounds. Before their reception started they had some typical Swiss music, a group of “Alphorn” players. They were all dressed nicely in Swiss traditional costumes. The Alphorn is a long wooden instrument and it’s really hard to play, I tried it once. There was also some yodelling. Here is a pic and a video:

This day turned out to be fabulous, without doing that much planning, being spontaneous makes you experience great things and I have to say that I live in a beautiful country, I should really go explore more areas in Switzerland. Maybe someday even with some of you, I’d love to show you around. 

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