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Don’t Tell the Groom – by Anna Bell

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The blurb:

Bride-to-be Penny discovers that she’s lost £10,000 of wedding savings playing online bingo. So that she doesn’t have to reveal her gambling secret, she convinces her fiancé Mark that they should have a Don’t Tell the Groom themed wedding. Penny then has to plan a wedding fit for a princess on a shoestring budget. But, by the time she discovers that the true meaning of marriage isn’t a Vera Wang wedding dress or Jimmy Choos, will she still have a groom to marry?

My Opinion:

This is another example of me not reading the series in the right order. I read the third book of this series Don’t Tell The Brides-To-Be first. I absolutely loved it, it was charming, funny and so wonderful. It got me curious about how it all started, so here we go.

The story starts with Penny, our main character, dreaming about her dream wedding. She’s not engaged yet though…
That changes fast and Penny couldn’t be happier with her fiancé Mark. Trouble is following quickly when the topics of their wedding budget comes up and Penny realises that £10,000 is missing from the account.
She quickly comes up with the Don’t Tell the Groom thing and leaves Mark in the dark about it.

She lost it all doing online bingo and she now has to plan the wedding with a really small budget and in a really short time. No pressure at all… She is determined to get help though and she does, that’s where she meets her mentor Josh. She has to text or call him whenever she feels tempted.

Penny is such a lovely character full of passion and heart. It was such a joy following her story. I really felt for her and I was impressed what she did to make everything possible. Of course the lying to Mark I didn’t like, but it was part of the story and it needed to be part of the storyline.

I liked these two as a couple in the third book of the series and I also did here. Everything around the wedding planning was great to read about and Anna’s writing just made it all so charming. The scenes were funny, sparkly, endearing and just sweet.

Next to all this, Penny also had to deal with her best friend Lou being weird, but they eventually told each other the truth and I was glad Penny had her best friend when it got complicated.

Of course Mark was about to find out, all because of his nan, who saw Penny dealing with the secret. The big misunderstanding starts and Penny is really worried about the wedding, will Mark show up?!
This part of the story was really catchy, gripping and full of intense moments, I couldn’t put the book down!!!

I liked how Anna included the topic of gambling in the story. She took it very seriously and included it genuinely with some humour included, just perfect.

This book has a great storyline, memorable characters and much more! It’s stunning and full of sparks. I’m really excited for book 2 of the series now!!!

This story has it all!!! A charming storyline, authentic characters, witty scenes, touching moments and lots of surprises. I loved every single second of it and I can’t wait to read more Anna Bell books!


My possible cast:

Penny: Sophia Bush

Mark: Austin Nichols

Anna on Twitter: @AnnaBell_writes
Website: http://www.annabellwrites.com
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