Saturday, 13 June 2015

Apps and Websites I use for Blogging

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     Instagram: Instagram is my #amreading app, I take pictures of the books I read in a nice setting or with nice accessories and then change them a bit, use a filter and add lots of hashtags ;) Then I always tweet the pic as well, tagging the author and publisher. It’s a lot of fun and I love coming up with new ideas for the pics.

       Pinterest: I share all my blogposts on Pinterest. I pin bookish related things and quotes and it’s a great way to share teasers I made myself. I’m very interested in fashion and I get really inspired on Pinterest. Other than that I like top in pictures of hot men ;) and travels. I also use pinterest to cast the characters in the books. You can type in the hair colour and the eyes and find different possibilities.

       Twitter: Twitter is probably my most used social media site. Not only for blogging, but also for keeping in touch with some wonderful authors and bloggers. In my opinion, Twitter is the best way to share and promote a blog post. You can tag authors, publishers and use hashtags. Other than comment on it and retweet it, that’s really helpful. I also post pics of every book I read, form y followers to have an overview. I share bookpost (thank the publisher) and other exciting things as well. Twitter is also great to ask for bloggers or authors to get involved in a little project or just to have them join you for a Q&A or guest post.

     Facebook: I also share my blog posts on Facebook and promote them there. The bookpost I receive and bookish related things also find a place. I don’t get as many reactions on here, but it’s still a great way to share things. Facebook is great for little events, to promote a challenge or a calendar thing, like I did last Christmas. I also use Facebook to ask if anyone wants to join me for little         projects, Q&As and guest posts.

        Google +: Google is great, because it’s directly connected to my blog account and my email. You can share blogposts as well and gain a lot of followers as well.

     Bloglovin: I have to say I barely use bloglovin, probably because I’m too lazy, but I think it’s a great site and a good way to follow other blogs.

     Goodreads: As a book blogger, this site is really important to me. I have an overview on my books, I can categorize them, find new ones and add them to my TBR. I can see which ones I own and that helps me a lot with my blogging. I share all my reviews there, once I’ve posted them on the blog, I also add them to Amazon UK and US. My followers are able to see what I’m reading and I also have an overview on my yearly challenge. I love looking at the reviews of other bloggers and seeing their updates. It also makes it easier to follow each other sometimes, or you might miss a review.

     NetGalley: I great way to get ARCs from publishers. They have been hard on me (some still are), because I don’t live in the UK. It’s gotten better though and there is a wide range of genres and books on NetGalley, sometimes I have to be careful not to request too many at the same time. 

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  1. A great list there, I have used all that you mention though I should use Pinterest and Instagram more I think. I love Twitter, netgalley and goodreads.