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The Sun In Her Eyes – by Paige Toon

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The blurb:

'Before your mother died, she asked me to tell you something …'
When Amber Church was three, her mother was killed in a car accident. A stranger was at the scene and now, nearly thirty years later, she's desperate to talk to Amber.
Living in London and not-so-happily married to Ned, Amber is greeted one morning by two pieces of news: she's to be made redundant from her City job and her beloved father, across the world in Australia where she grew up, has been felled by a stroke. She takes the first plane out to be by his side, leaving Ned uncertain as to when she will return. Reunited with her old friends, Amber is forced to confront her feelings for Ethan Lockwood, the gorgeous, green-eyed man she fell for as a young girl.
And then Amber receives a letter that changes everything …

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Ok, yes I’m a big Paige Toon fan and I was waiting for this like a little child! Paige has a way to engage me as a reader and she did it again with this one!!!

The story follows Amber Church, who returns to Australia after her father had a stroke. She lives in London, with her husband Ned, bad sadly he couldn’t join her. He is busy with work and always goes for drinks with his boss Zara. Amber doesn’t like this… She also was just been made redundant, which is the perfect time to get away, but what will she do when she’s back?!

Being back means dealing with her dad’s partner Liz, they have never seen eye to eye and it also means seeing her friends again. One of them makes her feel nervous though, because she has been in love with him all her life. They have been great friends and he got married quiet early, so he doesn’t know how she feels.
Amber’s feelings for Ethan are still very strong and after spending a lot of time together one thing leads to another. But what about Ned and their marriage?!

When a letter arrives for her, she is about to discover something about her mum. This doesn’t make the situation easier. There is even more drama added to the story, which makes it all really exciting and gripping! I couldn’t put the book down, I was so hooked!

The characters are so well lined out and they have a lot of history. I really liked all of them. Amber and Ethan had great chemistry and I felt like being part of their story, they seemed so close. I fell for Ethan really fast, but then he confused me with some of his actions and decisions. Also Amber had her moments where I just thought: WHY OH WHY!!! This didn’t disturb me in the slightest though, it was part of the story and it also made it more interesting and fascinating.

The storyline is full of surprises and exciting moments, I enjoyed every single chapter and I was impressed with how Paige put it all together. I went through a range of emotions with this book and that’s what reading is about. Paige’s writing is brilliant and fabulous.

I loved chapter 35, because it was set in Key West <3. It was great to have Leo there. There were also some other mentions for Paige's previous books and I really love that about her stories. I had to laugh when I saw Ned's boss' name and of course there are some ties to Pictures of Lily <3.  

At one point Ned joins her in Australia, I really liked him. I loved how some chapters were telling us how they met and what happened in their relationship. It made me understand their relationship better.

So is it Ned or Ethan?! I’m glad I didn’t have to make the decision, poor Amber though. Either way, I was a little surprised with the end and with some things that happened, but they made me happy. I guess I would have been happy with the other choice as well.

Paige’s writing is full of love, warmth, humour and cleverness! Just BRILLIANT and FABULOUS!!!


My possible cast:

Amber: Lauren Samuels

Ethan: Colin Egglesfield

Ned: Benjamin Eidem

Paige on Twitter: @PaigeToonAuthor

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