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Summer by the Sea – by Jenny Hale

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The blurb:

They say there’s always one summer that changes you.

For Faith the one summer she can’t forget is when she fell in love as a teenager – only for her sister, Casey, to steal her man. Now, at the request of her beloved ninety-year-old Grandmother, Faith has agreed to a family holiday – at their childhood beach house, where it all began.

Faith hasn’t seen her sister in years but is finally ready to forgive and forget, enjoy the sunshine and relive happy memories. What she’s not ready for is meeting Jake Buchanan – the owner of the beach house – or the long-forgotten feelings he ignites in her.

Can Faith overcome the hurt of the past, rekindle the close bond she had with Casey and make this summer THE ONE to remember?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Jenny Hale is a wonderful author and her stories are always filled with magic, sparks and memorable moments. With The Summer by the Sea she has done a marvellous job again!

The story follows kindergarden teacher Faith. I liked her from the start. The way she talked about her students and also some of her characteristics and memories made it easy for me to relate to her.

Faith agreed to a family holiday at the beach house, they spent time at in Faith’s childhood. They all come together for grandma’s birthday. Faith is not looking forward to seeing her sister Casey after so many years. Casey stole her man Scott, is married to him and they have an adorable daughter. Scott has left Casey though and they are close to going through with their divorce. However, that is not what Casey wants.

The sisters get to spend a lot of time together and both finally talk about what the really feel.
When Faith meets Jake, she falls fast and hard for him. It’s the little things passing between them at first, and then their chemistry is amazing. Faith gets confused and scared though when she sees Casey flirting with Jake.

Jake is wonderful. He’s a hobby handyman and works as a property developer. Taking her on a fancy date, makes Faith think. Is he really the right man for her, they seem to have different opinions about what do build up at the beach. Only later we learn what is behind it all. We find out about Jake’s past relationship and it all begins to make sense.
He is also hesitant when it comes to being honest about his feelings, I just wanted to slap him, because his attraction to her was so obvious. This mystery made the story more griping and interesting of course ;)

I loved this strong family bond in the story. The two sisters were finally able to talk and be there for each other and their nan was awesome. She always knew what was the matter and brought a great spark into it. Isabella is such a cute little girl. And the way Jake is with her – swoon!

This wonderful and beautiful story is full of surprises! The Outer Banks are a marvellous setting and Jenny explained everything with so many details, just magical! I felt like being there with the characters. Jenny told me that there might be a place in this book for me and she was right! Key West, a place Jake has been to many times, but always alone. Also a place, Faith really wants to go to with someone special.
I love reading about it, especially having been there only 2 months ago. It made their connection stronger, because they finally shared something and felt the same way about something.

I really just wanted it to work out between them, I had to be patient, going through ups and downs – you’ll see what I mean and you have to read it yourselves to find out what happened in the end… Just one more thing – I thought the epilogue was really cute.

This story has it all – a great location, wonderful characters, a strong family bond, cute, romantic and memorable moments, love and magic.

My possible cast:

Faith: Bethany Joy Lenz

Jake: James Lafferty

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