Monday, 15 June 2015

Fashion Corner - Florida Summer Chic 2

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Hey my lovelies, here is the florida inspired post number 2, enjoy!

The first outfit (left): Sporty on the golf course

- Ralph Lauren dress in different shades of blue
- Blue Converse
- Sunglasses (Rayban)

The second outfit (right): 

- White dress
- White headband
- Watch, necklace, pearl earrings
- Thomas Sabo bracelet

The third outfit (left):

- White shirt
- Flowery shorts
- Silver sandals
- Sunglasses (Rayban)
- Watch, pearl earrings
- Sanddollar necklace
- Thomas Sabo bracelet 

The forth outfit (right): 

- Anna Alcazar dress
- Silver sandals
- Sunglasses (Rayban)
- Pearl earrings, watch

The fifth outfit (left):

- Long dress in different shades of blue and white
- Silver sandals
- Beige Longchamp bag
- Watch, pearl earrings, necklace
- Sunglasses (Rayban)

The sixth outfit (right): Flying home, comfy 

- Black, grey, white Hollister trousers
- Grey Tampa Bay Lightning shirt
- Grey Hollister cardigan
- Dark blue Converse

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