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Winter at Cedarwood Lodge - by Rebecca Raisin + Guest Post

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The blurb:

This winter it’s time to fall in love at Cedarwood Lodge… 
After years of dreaming, Clio Winters is finally fulfilling her childhood dream of renovating the gorgeous old Cedarwood Lodge in Evergreen and turning it into the perfect destination for celebrations, weddings and extravagant birthday parties. The huge property used to be a bustling holiday camp, now Clio wants to bring it back to its halcyon days – which will be a lot of hard work!
Returning back to the small town of her youth she’s glad to have one of her best friends still around to lean on, Micah who is just as solid as he used to be. But with her own secrets pushing her to run from her glamorous life in New York, she’ll have to tread carefully, especially when the far-too-handsome-for-his-own-good contractor, Kai, shows up on her doorstep…
Sure she’s here in Evergreen to change her life, but there is no way she’s falling in love!

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I have read this book last year, when it was split into three separate parts. I have to admit, I struggled a bit with it last year, but reading the whole book at once has changed my opinion on it.

The story follows Clio Winters returns home after leaving in New York for years. She takes over Cedarwood Lodge together with her best friend Micah. It’s a lot of work, but with the help from the others she can do it.

Micah is a great best friend and even after not seeing each other for years, their friendship is deep and they are very close. Then we have contractor Kai, who is Australian and very attractive. There are many more lovely characters and they all add their own spark to the story. This was lovely to see.

The book is filled with romance, secrets, passion, a festive atmosphere, wonderful characters and much more. The storyline has a beautiful flow. Reading the whole book in one go, made it easier for me to connect to the characters and the story. It’s very well written and perfect for a cold December night.


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Guest Post - Christmas Box Tradition

It’s probably no secret I love Christmas judging by the all the festive books I’ve written! For us in Australia it’s also the start of summer, and the long summer holidays. This year I wanted to make one of those amazing Christmas boxes you’ve probably seen on Facebook or pinned on Pinterest. In Winter at Cedarwood Lodge Isla makes one of these Micah’s family and it goes down a treat!

I also wanted to make a new tradition for my boys, and thought we’d pull out the Christmas box every year on the first of December and enjoy all the goodies inside.

I thought I’d share with you what exactly is in our Christmas box and what I’ll add each year!

1.    Christmas movies. In our place Home Alone is practically on repeat – we love it and we never tire of it! This year I also bought the Home Alone sound track which is as fabulous as it sounds! Other movies are Elf (of course) and for the adults Love Actually and The Holiday!
2.    Christmas PJs. Goes without saying, right? It’s not Christmas unless you have some dorky PJs that say Take an Elfie!
3.    Christmas Books! It’s a no brainer! I recently found out that Home Alone was in book form so ordered that for the boys, and they absolutely adore it! Each year as they grow into more mature books I plan on adding them!
4.    Christmas chocolate. Maybe I didn’t quite think this 
     one through. My plan was they would snack on some little chocolate Santa’s each time we watched a movie, but the second I was out of the room they inhaled them! So my next cunning plan is to make a Christmas tree from fruit and I bet that will be safe when I turn my back…
5.     Christmas activity books. When school breaks up we usually have a bazillion things to organize but the boys still love doing crafty things, so I also added in some Christmas card making activity books. Hopefully this 
     will keep them occupied for a good five minutes!
6.    Christmas Carols. While we’ve downloaded some from iTunes, there’s nothing quite as good as going through CDs, especially the old school ones and playing them while everyone is occupied!

Have you ever made a Christmas box? If so I’d love any other ideas of what to add to ours!

I hope you have a wonderfully, festive Christmas and enjoy the holidays! All the best, Bec xxx

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