Saturday, 23 December 2017

Christmas Cards

Less and less people write actual Christmas cards, but I love writing letters and cards. Our family always creates a Christmas cards in a collage way with pictures from us. I have started making my own cards though, it's so much fun and the ideas are endless. I always offer a card making activity for our Christmas crafts morning at school. The first examples I'm going to show you are from the last two or three years. Some are made by myself, some by the kids. 

Lots of examples here. For most of them I used washi tape. The possibilities are endless with it and there are so many different types. I also used different kinds of ribbons. You can make lines, build a tree tec. And some ribbons have festive patterns on them, which give the cards a great effect. Then there are the finger prints. Probably some of my faves. I have a book full of different ideas and pictures you can make with finger prints. Of course there are also some christmassy ones. Here you can see Santa on his sleigh and some reindeer. I also use different kinds of stickers, stamps, stencils and punchers. Some gold and silver pens are great as well. 

The ones you see in these three pictures were all made by the kids at school. 

This year I found a great little video with new ideas: 

These are fabulous and so easy. I bought some glitter and got started, here are the results: 

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