Saturday, 2 December 2017

Instagram Ideas for Christmas

Now is the time, when all the Instagram accounts are full of festive and christmassy content. There are so many different ways to make your Insta festive and sparkly, here are some ideas. 


Use wrapping paper to create sparkly background. You can get them in all the colours (silver, gold, blue, red, green etc.) and with all kinds of patterns on them. Like this you can pick to ones, who add to your theme and the ones you really like. I also like to us the Christmas tree or maybe a wreath for background, sparkly light chains always help too. Adding Christmas decor to your background is also a very simple way to make it unique. Use clothes as a background as well. 


This one is simple, any Christmas decor you own can be put onto a photo, whether it's candles, stars, little sparkles, confetti, lights, baubles etc. 


Take pictures of the cookies you bake, of the mulled wine you make or just from you enjoying a hot chocolate in front of a cosy fire. It's christmassy in an instant. 


There are so many decorations outside, from lights, to trees and all the shops and stores and of course Christmas markets give you plenty of ideas and inspiration. It can be by daylight or when it's dark, there are so many possibilities. 


The stores are just bursting from all the Christmas stuff. Take as many pictures as possible and it might give you more ideas. 


Take pictures of your own decor at home, at work, at school etc. 


Show is your Christmas pjs, socks, your outfit for Christmas parties, family dinner and of course all your Christmas jumpers. 


If you don't want to come up with too many things just on your own, join a photo challenge for December. 

Christmas Cards:

Whether it's the ones you receive or the ones you make, to can really add to a picture. 

Advent Calendars:

It can't get more festive with them, trust me!

Christmas DYI:

Show us what you created!!!

There are of course many more ideas!!!

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