Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Advent Calendars

When I was a child we had a great advent calendar. Mum hung up little bags/sachets in the kitchen. They had three different colours. One for my brother, one for me and one for the two of us together. It was always very exciting getting up in the morning and opening them. We got little presents like sweets or something small we really wanted. Of course we always had an advent calendar at school and I do it with my class as well. 

The one with my class at school, is the only one I had for years. From time to time I bought a chocolate one for home, but that's it. Getting into blogging also meant getting to know all these fabulous (beauty) advent calendars. 

I treated myself to the Rituals one this year and I couldn't be happier about it (details further down). I have bought a Kinder chocolate one for the kids at school and also received one with tea inside. There are so many out there, it's hard to choose one and I think a lot of them are just too expensive. On top of that we cannot get all of them in Switzerland, but that's ok. Most bloggers open them up beforehand to write a proper review. I didn't do that here, because I really want to be able to open a new door every day. Hence, why I cannot talk about the full calendars yet. A friend in the UK also has a book advent calendar, which is awesome. I looked into it, but unfortunately they don't ship to Switzerland. That would be a dream. 

I still wanted to include it in this post, so here we go: 

Book Advent Calendar -

Doesn't it look and sound fabulous?! You can pick between 24 books or 12 books and they also have a kids version. I asked, whether they will start shipping them to other countries and the answer was yes. I kept on checking, but it was only UK and then it was suddenly out of stock. That was a bit disappointing to me. Nevertheless, I think it's a great present for a bookworm. 

Rituals is one of my fave brands, so I really wanted to get this one. It's totally worth the money, there are so many great things inside. Some full sized and some travel sized, but I think it's worth way more than what I paid. The quality is great, it's pretty and every door has a little saying inside and the description of the product. I absolutely adore it. 

A great mixture of teas, perfect for a tea lover. 

These are so great for school and the kids love it! 

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