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One Christmas Kiss in Notting Hill - by Mandy Baggot

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The blurb:

Isla Winters loves Christmas – especially the parties! Prosecco-infused everything is her ideal start to the busy festive season, and she can’t wait to wow her contacts in international construction throughout the month of December. But everything changes when she’s given a new remit: right-hand girl to the head of the New York branch.

Chase Bryan’s marriage has fallen apart. Given a secret project, he moves to London for the holidays with his two young daughters, hoping to dive in and ignore the distractions of Christmas. Problem is, he’s been saddled with Little Miss Candy Cane.

Isla’s wheelchair-bound sister, Hannah, lives life to the max. Isla’s unofficial second job is to keep her sister from trying to take over the world – but what will happen when Hannah starts to pay attention to Isla’s love life? One moment in Notting Hill could change everything…

Join Isla and Chase in a sparkly, festive London, where a little winter magic is just around the corner.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Notting Hill in the book title, obviously drew me to the book and with the pretty cover and the intriguing blurb, I just couldn’t resist.

I absolutely adored the characters of this book. Isla is fun, loves Christmas and does a great job looking after her sister Hannah, who is in a wheelchair. Chase has two daughters, Maddie and Brooke, and he was def my fave character. Great book boyfriend material as well ;). I felt like all their stories and their background was very well lined out and included in the story. That’s why I felt really close to them all. Maddie and Brooke added some extra sparks for me. I really like the scenes with them. 

I loved the chemistry between Isla and Chace, Mandy Baggot captured it beautifully. The whole story seems very authentic and real, which I really liked.

The setting of this book is just beautiful. I love London and especially Notting Hill. 

The ending felt a bit rushed for me, but I still think that this is a wonderful and warm Christmas read. She can capture the atmosphere and brings you into the world of the characters. 


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