Sunday, 10 December 2017

Places I Want to See Around Christmas

There are so many places out there, which are full of Christmas magic, here are the ones I really want to see. 

- London: I have seen London with all the Christmas lights before and I'd do it over and over again. It's so pretty and I definitely haven't seen it all. 

- New York City: Do I need to say more?! This is definitely on my bucket list. Imagine strolling through Central Park, the Rockefeller Placa etc. 

- Florida: I know, I have been to Florida several times, but never around Christmas. I mean there is the sea, it's still warm. How does it feel to celebrate Christmas there?! 

- Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland: It just screams Christmas to me!

- Prague: Lots of squares and markets! Yes, please :). 

- Quebec City: It's so christmassy and pretty on pictures and I wanted to go for a long time anyway. 

- France: Lots of cities with magical Christmas markets: Strasbourg, Colmar etc. 

- Australia/New Zealand: Similar reasons to Florida, plus I have never been and it's warm!!!

- Vienna: Pretty city, great Christmas market, yay!

- Boston: Would love to visit Boston and it's famous to visit around Christmas. 

- Germany: Like France they have lots of great cities for Christmas markets: Cologne, Nurmberg, Munich etc. 

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