Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas at School

As promised I tell you more about Christmas related things we do at school. 

The first thing is our Christmas Musical. We have two musicals per school year. One in December and one in June. The one in December is usually themed around Christmas. This year we did "The Little Star". I'm responsible for the drama part of it all and our music teacher does the musical part. It's always lots of fun and the kids really enjoy it. After the show we always have a Christmas dinner together with the parents. 

Our whole primary school has a Christmas Crafts morning in the last week before the holidays. Each teacher decides on an activity and the kids can then sign up. I sometimes make Christmas cards with them or we make baubles, trees, stars etc. 

Santa visits us as well, actually first to forth grade. He then tells the kids how they have been doing and they get a "Grittibänz", chocolate and oranges. 

In my class (6th grade) I have an Advent Calendar with chocolate and we play the Secret Santa game. I also decorate the classroom with the students and they last day before the holiday is usually dedicated to watching a movie and playing games. I always get little present for them as well. 

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