Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas Atmosphere

Who doesn't love a festive atmosphere?!
Shops start putting out their Christmas things before Halloween, which always seems a bit crazy for me, but in November I love getting ready for Christmas. 

For me christmas atmosphere is connected to warmth, coziness, lights and sparkles. I love to see the decorated houses from the outside with all the lights. Now, in Switzerland, we don't go crazy with colours and motives. I prefer a warm light and simple things. Like a tree, maybe a banister and stars. It's so nice to see all these lights when it's dark outside. I never like the time when it's getting darker every day, but in December with all the lights it's really pretty. 

Of course the decor inside is equally as important. Candles, angles, stars, baubles etc. There are so many different ideas out there now, so many possibilities. I like to have either a gold or silver theme (even combine them) and then add a little color. 

A warm a cosy fire can always add to the atmosphere. We don't use our chimney anymore, but (scented) candles can add a lot of ambiance too. Sitting on the sofa with a warm blanket and a hot chocolate or mulled wine is so relaxed, there can be Christmas music in the background or a Christmas movie. 

Speaking of music. I love listening to Christmas songs, they really get me into the Christmas mood. Michael BublĂ© is my fave, when it comes to Christmas songs. I always sing along and even come up with some little choreographies together with my mum. Watching Christmas movies whenever I do a Christmas related thing has sort of become a tradition. I watch them when I bake Christmas cookie, when I wrap the presents etc. My fave Christmas movies are the ones from Hallmark Channel. This year I'm especially excited, because two books I have read (Coming Home for Christmas by Jenny Hale and A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill), have been made into movies...

Christmas dinner or parties are great to get you into the spirit as well. Last year we prepared for a Christmas concert, that was fabulous too. Not in September, but afterwards ;). 

I know for most people Christmas shopping is stressful, but going through the shops actually gives me inspiration and ideas and it totally adds to the atmosphere. There are decor ideas, sparkles everywhere and going to different cities also means you get to adore all the Christmas lights. In the same category I see Christmas markets. Just strolling through them, looking at all the festive things and drinking a mulled wine, just perfect!

Buying and deciding on advent calendars really helps too. I always want to open them immediately. 

At school I also try to create a Christmas atmosphere. I will talk about this in another blog post. 

Last but not least, it's the blog. Getting it ready for Christmas and Christmas posts is the best way to start the festive spirit. 

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