Tuesday, 20 March 2018

What to do on a long plane journey

Long haul flights can be boring and never ending. I actually quite enjoy them. I see them as valuable me time, where I can do what I want. Here are some ideas for things you can do:

- Watch movies/series: On most long haul flights you get your own screen and you can pick what you want to watch. There is something for everyone. 
- Read: Books, magazines etc. You can finally enjoy some quality reading time. 
- Listen to music: I usually listen to music, when I try to fall asleep or while eating or doing something else. You can also listen to books or podcasts. 
- Sleep: The obvious one, right?! I have difficulties falling asleep on a plane though. 
- Eat/drink: You get regular meals and you can drink all the time, even if it's just water. 
- Play games: You have games on your phone, some airlines offer games on their screen or you might have a little nintendo or something. 
- Write: Write a book, a journal, your thoughts, lists etc. 
- Blog: I write a lot of blog posts on the the plane, you just have so much time. 
- Edit: Edit blogs, photos or blog posts. 
- Drawing/colouring: Lettering, mandalas, coloring books etc. Endless possibilities. 
- Look out of the window: I love doing that, it's so fascinating and you can take great pictures. 
- Organize your trip: Read travel guides and plan your activities. 
- Learn the local or a new language: If you want to be able to speak to the locals, go for it!
- Some skincare: Planes can be dry and not good for your skin. Yu fresh face mist, masks, lip balms etc. You could even make a whole routine out of it. 
- Move: Try to move around, explore the plane. Stretch your legs. 
- Chat to a neighbor: Of course only, if you feel like it, like them and there are no awkward silences. 
- Clean up your phone: You finally have time to delete old pictures, emails etc. 

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