Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Classroom Behavior Systems

Ever since I have started teaching I have had my own system of dealing with the children's behavior in the classroom. There are so many different systems out there and mine has proven to be a great one. Recently, one of my colleagues overheard two other colleagues speaking about the system I and some others have. They said negative things and don't like it. That's fine, every teacher has a different style, what made me angry, was the fact that they don't really know the system and judge it. In their eyes it's only about punishing and that's not true! They have their own system and classroom management, in the end it's similar to the one I use and they have struggled with a class before. 

Anyway, I should stop rambling. It inspired me to write this post and tell you more about the stem I use and maybe share some others I like as well. 

I basically use two different ones. One is for homework, belongings and material and the other one is connected to behavior and following the classroom rules. For the homework we have the same for all classes at primary school. Some teachers adapted it, but the basics are the same. We have kind of a traffic light with a green, orange and red area. All the kids start in the green at the beginning of the week. When they forget homework or can't find their material we move them one down. Orange is a warning! When they land in the red, they either have to help in the classroom or sit in after lunch. If it happens regularly I also send an email home. At the end of the week I look at the chart and all the children, who stayed in the green get a sticker or stamp. They also get a little candy or chocolate. After four weeks, when they have four stickers, they get a homework voucher as well. 
The other system is a card system, like in football/soccer. All kids have three cards, two yellow ones and one red card. These get taken away, then they don't follow the classroom rules or if their behavior is not acceptable. Some examples: speaking without raising their hand, running in the classroom, screaming. The kids get warnings first, before I take a card away though. Losing the red card means an email home and sitting in or helping in the classroom. When the boys and girls don't loose any cards within two weeks, they get a little treat as well. 

For me it's important to have a system, where there is a positive side as well. Not only consequences for bad behavior, but also with rewards. I have also seen possibilities where the students roll a dice and then get a reward, like choosing a game, five more minutes of a break, no homework etc. 

I have checked pinterest for other ideas as well. A lot use a system like we do, but they have added cup up as well, so you can move up or down in a chart. Some work with tokens and others can collect  jewels in a week. My colleague in second grade give her pupils red or green dots at the end of the day. t's in their homework book and the parents get to see it. 

We also work with weekly goals. We have one for the whole class and also individual ones. They have to pick them and at the end of the week see whether they have achieved their goals. 

There are so many ways and every teacher is different and that's totally ok!

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