Monday, 19 March 2018

Our Little Secret - by Claudia Carroll

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The blurb:

A sparkling story about what happens when you let someone into your life… but they turn out to want more than you’d bargained for!
Sarah Dee has the perfect life. A high-flying job in a law firm, a beautiful daughter and a house to die for. So how does she find herself looking in through the kitchen window while another woman enjoys it all?
When Sarah takes pity on a struggling young graduate who can’t get a job, she thinks she’s doing the right thing. She’s being kind, generous and helpful to others, as she always is. But as Sarah allows the younger woman into her home, her law firm and even her family, is there more to this pretty youngster than meets the eye? And could this be a good deed that goes further than expected?
Claudia Carroll does it again with a sparkling new novel about what happens when your life becomes up for grabs…

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

With this book Claudia Carroll went into a a different direction, which is exciting and new. I have loved her previous books and I think the idea behind this book is great. 

Claudia Carroll has created some wonderful female characters here. There is of course Sarah, her daughter Darcy and law graduate Lauren. Sarah decides to help Lauren and takes her under her wings. She lets her into her life, her home, her family and that's a big step. How is Lauren really though?! That's the big question. 

Sarah has a very big heart and I loved following her in this story. Darcy added some spice and excitement to the storyline and Lauren added a mystery. It's a great mixture and Claudia Carroll's refreshing, sparkling and vivid style add a lot to the book as well. She brings the characters to life and creates a wonderful storyline around them. 

It was surprising for me and yes I definitely expected something else. The story is told in alternative chapters, from Sarah, Darcy and Sarah's best friend Liz points of view. I really liked that, because we got to read from different perspectives. 

A very interesting plot and wonderfully written. Well done Claudia Carroll!


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