Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Story of My Book Corner - Alison

Some thoughts on what books mean to me ... thanks for having me on your blog xx

I have  enjoyed reading/books for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of sitting on my Dad's lap while he was trying to read the newspaper & asking him what all the words were, he had the patience of a saint! I know I was reading long before I went to school. My grandmother used to buy me a new book each Saturday & that was the highlight of my week being allowed to browse & choose whatever I wanted .. I would either have a clear idea in my mind or take hours just looking .. it never seemed to occur to me that I could have another one the following week lol. It soon became apparent that I was reading a lot faster than grandma could cope with so I would raid the school library or borrow books from friends/relations .. my love of losing myself in a book has never waned.

I had a huge collection & never parted with any .. the favourites I would read again & again.  I was so obsessed that by the time I was married & we had our own house we had a room dedicated to being a 'library'. Shelves floor to ceiling around each wall loaded with books of every kind. Luckily hubby shared my passion so we merged our collections.  He tended to prefer Sci-Fi, Fantasy though so it was apparent which shelves were his! That room had two cosy chairs  & a wonderful roof light so I would curl up with a cup of tea & enjoy either the sunshine or sound of rain on the roof & be occupied for hours. 

I ensured I passed on the book love to my children .. there is nothing as sweet as reading bedtime stories & seeing the delight in their eyes when a book comes to life, then hearing them begin to read for themselves. 

Unfortunately, life moved on .. I became sick (cancer) & we downsized for convenience so the 'library' no longer exists. I made the decision that the majority of my books at that time were donated to a charity shop & hospice to raise funds for Cancer research. It nearly broke my heart to part with them all but they went to a good cause.  I kept my very favourite ones & still collect now but at the moment they are either mixed in with the family books or kept safe in a plastic crate. I tend to read the majority of books on my Kindle now .. totally loaded but convenient to take with me to hospital & I am never in danger of running out of something to read :) 

So now I blog & review which means the passion can continue .. you will usually find me with my head in something bookish & there are way too many on my 'to be read' pile but I love being involved in the blogger/author community & wish I had time to read them all! My preferred genres are chick-lit, romance, thriller, horror or mystery but I will delve into anything if the cover or blurb intrigues me & now I spend the majority of my time reading on the sofa or in bed, but dreaming of my perfect spot which is by a pool in the sunshine! 

Ali - The Dragon Slayer - Blogger/Book Reviewer


  1. Thanks so much for having me .. I've really enjoyed this series & seeing how everyone shares their passion for books :) xx

  2. How lovely. May books keep you company and help to keep you well for a very long time Alison