Thursday, 19 November 2015

#AutumnMoments - Autumn Decor and Autumn Walks

We have had some very beautiful autumn days here in Switzerland and I've also been playing around with some decor at home, I thought it was about time to show you guys, starting with the decoration.

Now I realized that these photos are take are not that good, especially compared to pictures I've seen from author bloggers. I don't have a camera, I take all the pics on my phone and sometimes I just take the picture without thinking that much about it. Hope you still enjoy.

For this first one I pimped up my little white candle in a Leonardo vase. The grey little stones were part of it, so I added some chestnuts and leaves. The background is obviously a window and a black fringe curtain.

Something simple: Autumnal pillows on the sofa, we always change them according to the season. 

Also something we change for every season are the flowers in these two gorgeous vases. For autumn they are in a nice dark pink shade. 

Obviously this is on the wall throughout the whole year, but I still wanted to share it, because the color is autumnal ;) It's in German and it means: "Don't dream your life, live your dream."

Here is a beautiful painting than one of our fiends made. 

An orangey kind of arrangement with candles and leaves. 

Now, the last thing in the decor section isn't actually something at home. I went to a nice little bare a few weeks back and I just had to include it in this post, so cozy and pretty!


Now it's time for some pictures of the area I live in. Where I live we are mostly fog free, which is really nice. Autumn is great when it's sunny, so many beautiful colours. We have had some wonderful sunny days, which makes me really happen, since this time last year we had snow. Here are some impressions of autumn walks. Most of them were taken about 2 - 10 minutes away from my house. 

Taking down the funicular from work
And last but not least, that's how it can look like in the fog. 

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  1. The pictures of the scenery are SO pretty Simona! The trees did look like that round here but after much heavy wind they've all mostly lost their leaves! What a lovely idea to jazz up a plain candle, I would never have thought to do that!

    Amy at Amy & More