Saturday, 21 November 2015

Online Friendships

(Book) Blogging has opened a lot of doors for me and one of the most impressive and amazing things that I discovered is the blogging community. It’s such a strong group of bloggers, who support each other and have fun together!

A lot of people say that online friendships are nothing compared to the friends you have in real life – I totally disagree with that, let me tell you why.

Through Twitter and blogging I have met so many people with the same interests. People who love reading as much as I do, people who love traveling and music. The daily exchange with them is so great. You get to know each other fast and talk about different things. With some of them it leads to more: email or letter exchange or just DMs. You can get to know each other on a new level and there is the feeling of being there for each other. I honestly have to say that a lot of my online friends are closer to me than some friends I have in real life. They understand you and you have things in common, which is a great basis for a friendship.

Meeting bloggers really means meeting people from all over the world. You get to know their world and they have insight to yours. It’s so much fun talking about different cultures, traditions and specialities. I have met people from the UK, Belgium, America, Australia, Spain etc.

I feel that with online friends you have a fresh start. They don’t know about your past (unless you tell them of course), but they have the possibility to get to know you on a different level.

I have met a lot of great bloggers and authors in my two years of blogging. Of course you meet people you don’t get along with and you lose contact with others, but it’s the real friendships that matter. I’m really grateful that I made a lot of wonderful friends through blogging. I have met my bestie Maryline online. We both have a book blog and we started talking. We both like Harry Potter and we had so many things to talk about. From emails, to letters, to now daily What’s App messages. I can talk about everything to her and she’s always here for me, I’m more than grateful for that. I met Maryline in person twice now. We spent a few days in Berlin together, which was amazing and then we met at a book launch again in October.
Aven Ellis has become really close as well, she is like my second mum. We share a lot of interests: fashion, ice hockey, books and much more. She always has great advice and I’m very grateful that we met.
Of course I have met more wonderful people and I’d just like to THANK YOU all, you know who you are <3.

Twitter is great to meet people with the same interests. They best possibility to have regular contact in my eyes is What's App, it's amazing and you can chat daily. I have so much fun with my online friends on What's App!!!

At the two bookish events I attended this year in London I met a lot of my book blogging friends in person and it’s been awesome! I hope I can attend more events like that in the future.

What is your opinion on this topic? What do online friendships mean to you?


  1. I totally agree, some of my best friends are 'online'. It's easy to 'click' with people who have the same interests & build a friendship on that to whatever level is comfortable for both .. the blogging/author community particularly has been so welcoming. I would certainly miss the people I have daily contact with & of course you never know who you might meet next! xx

    1. Hey lovely. Thanks for the comment. Yes, the blogging/author community is so welcoming, I love being part of it. xx