Monday, 23 November 2015

Quotable Style - Game On

I thought it was about time to add something new to my Fashion Features. Here in Switzerland and also Germany and Austria we have a TV Show called "Shopping Queen". Five women go shopping with 500 Euros, they get a motto and have to judge each other afterwards. Taking about it and with a talk to my Fashion momma Aven "Quotable Style" was born. You guys can give me a motto and I will put together something from my cupboard. Then I will also put together an outfit with Polyvore. 

The first motto was given to me by the wonderful Aven herself and it's perfect ;)

Since I really love hockey I decided to go with the first pick. This might be a longer post, because I have shirts of three hockey teams at home and I will also include the outfit from last spring, when I went to see an NHL game in Tampa. There we were just able to go in jeans and a shirt, that's not possible here most of the time, it's too cold, so you might get a mixture of both. I'm starting with the NHL game last spring:

The three shirt I have at home are the following:
EV Zug (CH), Tampa Bay Lightning, Vancouver Canucks
Since EV Zug is my local team, I will start with this one now, I decided to add a sporty touch and some color:

Now, I will continue with my Canucks shirt. I bought it in 2010, when I lived there. It was the first NHL game I saw.

Now, my newest one: Tampa Bay Lightning, I wear that one quite often actually. This outfit is a bit more elegant now with the ankle boots:

When I go to a hockey game here, I always wear something neutral and that's why you get to see an outfit like that as well:

Well, last but not least. Here is my Polyvore outfit:

I hope you liked this post, let me know in the comments and if you have an idea for a motto or want to see me dress up for a certain style, let me know. 

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