Monday, 2 November 2015

Book of the Month - October

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The books I read this month:

-       Plan Bea – by Hilary Grossman 4.5/5
-       A Parcel For Anna Browne – by Miranda Dickinson 5/5
-       The Parent Trap (Mishaps in Millrise #3) – by Tilly Tennant 5/5
-       And Baby Makes Four (Mishaps in Millrise #4) – by Tilly Tennant 5/5
-       The Broken Hearts Book Club – by Lynsey James 3.5/5
-       Snowflakes on Silver Cove – by Holly Martin 5/5
-       Breakout – by Aven Ellis 5/5
-       The Little Bookshop on the Seine – by Rebecca Raisin 4.5/5
-       What Rosie Found Next – by Helen J Rolfe 4/5
-       Inconceivable! – by Tegan Wren 4.5/5
-       The Boy in the Bookshop – by Katey Lovell 5/5
-       The Boy at the Beach – by Katey Lovell 5/5
-       The Boy at the Bakery – by Katey Lovell 5/5

Almost back to my old reading self, I’d say, with some fantastic books on the way! One clear favourite though!!!

Breakout – Aven Ellis

The bit on the back:

While Texas is known for loving football, Lexi Stewart has always been drawn to the ice. Hockey is her passion, and she wants nothing more than to pursue a career in video editing for the home network of the Dallas Demons hockey team.

Lexi has an editing job for a corporate account, but it’s not fulfilling. Nor is her dating life, despite having the so-called help of The One Online Dating Service. Lexi knows there has to be more for her—on both fronts. She’s ready to take the next step, but it doesn't seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

Until a flying puck changes everything.

Niko Xenakis is the new Dallas Demons TV producer, and he’s looking to make his mark in his new role and hopefully work his way back to his hometown of Baltimore. But once he meets Lexi, he might just change his mind on what he wants for his future . . .

But the road to love is never easy, complicated by the fact that they both carry emotional baggage from the past in their hearts. Can these two “breakout”of the past to find love in the present?

My opinion: 

FABULOUS, AMAZING, UNIQUE and so much more! Only being back in the Dallas Demons world deserves 5 stars alone and having two wonderful main characters with Lexi and Niko makes this story so very special. What they have is deep and real, their story is written in the most beautiful way, I can guarantee you will fall in LOVE with everything about it. Review is following soon.

Aven on Twitter: @AvenEllis

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