Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Soundtrack of My Life

The idea for this post came up on Ellen Faith’s release day of her book Dear Darling. She had several competitions running and one question was „What’s the soundtrack of your life?“ Since I was only able to give one song fort he answer, I decided to make it a whole post, so here ist he Soundtrack of my Life, thanks Ellen ;) xxx.

If you don’t really know what songs are part of your soundtrack, check your iTunes and then have a look what songs you listened tot he most! ;)


Fascination – Alphabeat: This song is upbeat, happy and full of energy. It’s about passion, creativity and just living the way you want life to be – perfect!

I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz: one thing: DON’T GIVE UP!!!

Fine By Me – Andy Grammar: This song partly reminds me of a story that happened with a guy a few years ago, only that my stpory had a bad ending. I still really like this song, so it hast o be on this list!

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!! This is so true and it can be applied to various areas! You learn with every experience and really does make you stronger!

Gambling Man – The Overtones: I love the style of this song and the style oft he Overtones. I’ve seen them live once and they are awesome!!!

Happy – Pharrel Williams: Cause I’m Happy!!! I think I don’t have to say more here ;)

When I Was Your Man – Version by Aaron Tveit: It’s kind of a sad song and I didn’t pick it because oft he lyrics. I picked because Aaron Tveit’s version of this song is just amazing!

Upside Down – A*Teens: An upbeat, fun and quirky song!!! I love singing this song!

On My Way – Boyce Avenue: Just beautiful – in every single way!

Falling Star – Vanilla Ninja: Be free to breath and be yourself!

Euphoria – Loreen: Awesome, just awesome!

Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay: Awwwwww!!!

Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding: This song is our Florida song this year! It was on the radio all the time and it’s really great!!!

Sugar – Maroon 5: Another Florida song and Maroon 5 is terrific, so here we go!

Stay Who You Are – Nick Howard: I think this message should be clear!

Over It – Katharine McPhee: Beautiful song, great message and wonderful singer!

Tage wie diese – Die Toten Hosen: This song always reminds my of football and the World Cup and it really rocks!

New Tomorrow – A Friend in London: A song full of energy and awesome lyrics. Let’s start a new tomorrow!!!

Forever and Almost Always – Kate Voegele:  A stunning song by a wonderful singer/actress and it reminds me of my time in Vancouver. I listened to Kate Voegele all the time and this is my favourite song of her.

1973 – James Blunt: This one is pretty obvious I think. It has my name in it ;)

I think I could have added many more, but I've limited it to 20.

What's your Soundtrack of Life? Let me know...

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