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Snowflakes on Silver Cove – by Holly Martin

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The blurb:

Libby Joseph is famous for her romantic Christmas stories. Every December, readers devour her books of falling in love against the magical backdrop of the Christmas season. If only Libby believed in the magic herself…

Struggling to finish her current novel, Libby turns to her best friend and neighbour George Donaldson to cheer her up. But George also needs a bit of support himself. Nervous about getting back into the dating saddle after splitting from his wife, he and Libby strike a deal. She will teach George how to win over the ladies, and Libby will in turn be inspired to inject her novel with a good dose of romance.

As Libby and George explore the beautiful White Cliff Bay on a series of romantic Christmas-themed dates, Libby finds herself having more fun than she’s had in ages and…discovers feelings that she never knew she had for George.

But is it too late? Will George win someone else’s heart or can Libby act like the heroine in one of her stories and reach for her own love under the mistletoe this Christmas?

Snuggle up with a piece of Christmas cake and mulled wine, and spend the festive season at White Cliff Bay. You won’t want to leave! Christmas at Lilac Cottage also out now.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Holly Martin is spoiling us with two Christmas books this year, both set in White Cliff Bay, such a beautiful place. Having loved Christmas at Lilac Cottage, I was very excited to dive into this festive atmosphere again.

We have two different main characters now. Libby Joseph is an author, who hasn’t found much inspiration lately and that’s also why she is planning to leave White Cliff Bay soon. She writes about romance, now she just has to find it for herself, she doesn’t really believe in it though.

George Donaldson is her best friend and neighbour. They have spent a lot of time together in the past six months, since Libby arrived. They’re friendship is very special, that was tangible through the pages from the start. Well, George needs a little support when it comes to dating women. He has been in love with a woman for a while, but she doesn’t seem to have the same feelings, so he tries to move on. When Giselle moves in he sees his chance, but he needs help first.

Libby and George to go on dates together, for him to practise and for her to find inspiration again. They go on several romantic and sweet dates together, exploring White Cliff Bay and it makes Libby see he true feelings. Of course, it’s not that easy! A lot of misunderstandings and bad decisions make this a very gripping read.

A loved the scenes with George and Libby together, some hilarious and funny situations, combined with passion and love. They shared some unique and special moments and that’s what made their bond even stronger.

Another thing I really loved about this book were the other characters, who we’ve met in Christmas at Lilac Cottage already. So in addition to George and Libby, we also got to read about Seb and Amy. Their story is touching and sweet and I really enjoyed their part as well. 

This story is a real beauty, written in a magical and unique way. It’s a festive, beautiful and gripping feel-good read, perfect to snuggle up to on the sofa, with a lot of LOL moments and other memorable scenes.


My possible cast:

Libby: Ana de Armas

George: Marc Clotet

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