Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Meet Cute Series – by Katey Lovell

The blurb:

The Boy in the Bookshop
The Boy at the Beach
The Boy at the Bakery

‘Sweet, romantic, perfectly formed coffee break reads. I loved them.’ – Best-selling author, Carmel Harrington

Three gorgeously romantic short stories, part of The Meet Cute series.

My Opinion:

*Books provided by the author in exchange for on honest review*

Meet Cute is actually the perfect title for this little series. Since the stories are relatively short I decided to put them all into one review. The are all only a few pages long and perfect for quick lunchtime read or a short train journey. I read them at home though ;)

The Boy in the Bookshop follows Jade, a very lovely and sweet girl. Of course I adored the setting of the bookshop and I just loved the way the two characters met. Short, but yet really romantic and sparkly, I’m impressed. Both main characters were really great.

I think The Boy at the Beach is my favourite out of the three (they are all great), but I felt a very deep connection between the two characters and I loved the idea of them meeting online first and then in person. Lauren and Toby were wonderful and they shared some magical moments at the beach.

Last but not least we have The Boy at the Bakery. Lily goes to get lunch at the bakery across the street every day and there he is: Cole. Yes she has a crush on him and yes she is shy. This is such an adorable story, with a fab ending.

I really adored all three parts, they were over too soon, I really hope that we hear more from these characters in the future, I wanna know what happened with the couples. Katey shows that she has the ability to tell a short story in the greatest possible way, full of details and with all you want to know. Three magical and sparkly short stories, highly recommended.


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