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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Happy 1st Advent everyone !!! 
First of all: Here is my little Advent special for this year. I created a small Advent Calendar for you guys with quotes, book recommendations, music tips, Xmas chick-lit, short stories ...
Hope you enjoy, there will be a much bigger one for next year, but I just didn't have the time this year. The calendar will appear on top of all the post, so you'll see it immediately. Here is a link though: Sky's Advent Calendar

One more thing. ThisChickReads is hosting a fabulous giveaway, have a look here:

Now, here we go on with today's post:

Five songs, who touched my heart.

1. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy

I can really connect to this song, sad memories. Well, I'm not crying now, just that you know, but ... This song fits perfectly to something that happened about two years ago.
I still love this song, it's really emotional and beautiful, love the piano. I downloaded the score as soon as I heard the song and love to play it on the piano and sing =).

2. Fine by Me - Andy Grammer

Somehow I couldn't find the official video, that's weird, but here is the song anyway.
Great song, great singer!!! Wish a guy would sing something like this for me once...

3. Head Over Heels - Alain Clark

Wow, so romantic ♥. Amazing singer and artists. I already saw him live three times and every single concert was so special. The first time I heard him was at a Bryan Adams concert and you could say I fell head over heels for him and his music.

4. Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

Beautiful song, great music, amazing singer! Love Kelly Clarkson and her voice, it's so special and her songs are wonderful. I could name you so many great ones of her ...

5. Falling For You - Nick Howard

I heard Nick for the first time at a Boyce Avenue concert. Then I kind of lost touch of his music. Last year I watched The Voice of Germany as usual and then he was there. What a nice surprise!! =) And he won the thing!!! His songs are emotional and come from the heart. What an awesome musician. I went to his concert last June and it was amazing, there were not that many people (only because of the space) and it was real intimate. 

Hope you all enjoyed the five songs, there would be many more, but I had to chose...
The artists on Twitter:
- A Fine Frenzy: @AFineFrenzy
- Andy Grammer: @andygrammer
- Alain Clark: @AlainClark
- Kelly Clarkson: @kelly_clarkson
- Nick Howard: @nickhowardmusic

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