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Quotes - Johnny and Meg

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Johnny and Meg are my favorite characters of the Paige Toon books at the moment (that changes all the time ;)).

Here are some quotes I took out of the books, first up Johnny Be Good:

„I trace my fingertips acress my tummy and whisper, ’That’s Mummy’s song.`“ - Meg

„That’s how long I’ll wait for you. But no longer, Nutmeg. After that, I’m letting you go.“ – Johnny

„He takes another step, pressing my hand hard into his chest. I freeze, barley able to breathe. And then he’s kissing me. My willpower is shot. I kiss him back.“ – Meg

„I’m addicted to him. And no rehab centre in the world is going to be able to cure me.“ – Meg

„I feel like his clear green eyes are infiltrating me, and I sit there for a moment, just studying them. His lips are perfectly shaped, not too thin, not too full. Oh God, I fancy him. I still do. Even though he’s a total bastard to women. I just can’t help it.“ – Meg

Baby be Mine:

„That was the first time I felt a spark between us that wasn't one-sided." - Meg

„He’s not mine is he? That’s the question I fear the most.“ – Meg

„I love you. I never want to be without you. I never want to spend another day, another minute, without you and Barney by my side. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time. Meg Stiles ... Will you marry me?“ – Johnny

„I was the one to change him. He fell for me. He loves me. And I love him right back. I’ll love him till the day I die.“ – Meg

„I wrote this song fort he love of my life. The mother of my son. She’s here tonight.“ – Johnny

„He looks backstage at me, and I stand stock-still in shock as he starts to sing my song. His voice fills up the marquee, deep and soulful as he closes his eyes, and when he turns and stares at me again, I feel like he’s piercing my soul. I don’t have the srenght to resist him anymore.“ – Meg

„I giggle as I allow him to wrap his arms around me and hold me tight. It feels so right to be close to him. I’ve missed him.“ – Meg

„I usher him towards Johnny. ’Give Daddy a cuddle.`“ - Meg

„You just called me Daddy.“ – Johnny

„Daddy will see you soon.“ – Johnny

„I’m glad you’re happy. You deserve it.“ – Johnny

„He looks stunned, like I’ve just punched him in the face. And if the similarity between him and Barney isn’t already clear enough, the look on my face will have instantly confirmed his suspicion.“ – Meg

„He’s mine, isn’t he?“ – Johnny

„That bastard might have fucked you, but I raised him and YOU’RE NOT TAKING HIM AWAY!“ – Christian

„My little blond-haired, green-eyed boy glances at his biological father and then looks at me and grins a toothy grin.“ – Meg

Johnny's Girl:

„You are a part of me. And now, you will always be a part of me.“ – Johnny

„I love being married to you.“ – Meg

„You make me so happy.“ - Johnny

„It was always you, you know it was always you.“ – Meg

„He still gives me butterflies.“ – Meg

„The happiest I’ve ever been.“ – Meg

„I love you. I love you so much. I don’t want anything to come between us.“ – Meg

„Nothing is going to break us now. We’re too strong. I would never do anything to risk hurting you, Barney or Phoenix. You guys are my life.“ – Johnny

„I’m about to go and say hi to Joseph Strike, so get your arse here ASAP.“ – Meg

„Alice. My girl. We’re engaged.“ – Joe

„I love and fancy Johnny like mad, but Joseph Strike will always have something about him. Alice is my lucky girl, whoever she is.“ – Meg

„Don’t you feel sorry for yourself! I should have known this was going to happen when I married you!“ – Meg

„But you did marry me! For better or for worse!“ – Johnny

„She looks just like her dad.“ – Meg

„I’m sorry I’ve been so distant, but we will get through this.“ – Meg

„His wedding speech was beautifully heartfelt and made everyone cry, including me.“ – Meg

„We’re going to be okay. Of course we’re going to be okay. I’ll always love you, Johnny. I always have and I always will.“ – Meg

„I know without a shadow of a doubt, that despite his flaws, despite his past, Johnny is worth fighting for. And I swear to myself that I’ll never let anyone come between us, whoever they are.“ – Meg

„Jeez! You’re making me want to take you on the grass again.“ –Johnny

„She looks like a wannabe rock star. She looks like trouble.“ - Meg

„He’s a much stronger man these days, Mrs Jefferson.“ - Davey

Thank you to my lovely Isabell for the pictures, love them! xxx
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