Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Top 10 Musical Actors

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Since I love Musicals so much, I thought it’d be nice doing a post on my favourite Musical actors and actresses. I’ve seen some shows on the West End, some also in Switzerland and I decided to also include Musical movies and TV series.
So here we go, there is no real order, that would have been too hard.


Oliver Tompsett. When I saw  him in Wicked I instantly fell in love with him, and his voice too. He’s an amazing singer and such a talented actor. I had to buy his cd and it was definitly worth it, a lot of great songs on there.

      Katharine McPhee. Katharine actually became second in American idol (don’t ask me which season though). She has such a great voice, can dance like no other and is a great actress. SMASH is an awesome TV show, so sad there won’t be more seasons.


Eddie Redmayne. So sexy... and so talented. He’s plays Marius in the Les Mis movie and does a great job. Empty chairs and empty tables was wonderful to hear and so emotional.


      Lea Michele. She has something really special in her voice and she understands how to convey the meaning and the emotion of a song. 


      Hugh Jackman. WOW WOW WOW!!! He is so fabulous in the Les Mis movie, he really understood the rule and put everything into it. His voice is great. I watched some Youtube videos of him and I was really impressed. He is incredibly talented and I would love to see him in a Broadway show once. He is a very gifted dancer and performer as well.  


      Jodie Prenger. It was basically a coincidence I got to know her. My mum and I watched BBC and we came acrss I’d do anything, a casting show, where they searched for a girl to play Nancy in Oliver! At the West End. Jodie won the show and we went to see her in London. She was amazing as Nancy, she made my cry.


Jeremy Jordan.
 Emotional actor and singer. Really enjoyed seeing him in Smash and he is good looking too ;)


I    Idina Menzel. Would love to see her life once. She sings on the cd of Wicked I own and her voice is amazing.   


Aaron Tveit.
My secret little crush. I just love him. So hot, talented and awesome!!! He was also part of this amazing Les Mis movie.

      Danielle Hope. Danielle won the BBC show Over the Rainbow and got the part of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz on the West End. She is a great actress and her voice is really special.

   That was today's little trip into the Musical world. As away if you have any question.
   Tomorrow I'll be sharing some lovely Christmas memories with you.

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