Thursday, 19 December 2013

Q & A with Scarlett Bailey

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        Today I have something really special for you. A few weeks ago I read Just for Christmas by Scarlett Bailey and fell in love with it. I got in contact with Scarlett and asked her if she'd be willing to do a Q&A with me for the blog and she said yes. This really made my day and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for doing this Scarlett, you're such a darling :) xxx


A lover of Christmas, romance and old movies Scarlett wrote her first Christmas romance 'The Night Before Christmas' in 2011. Her second novel 'Married by Christmas' and a digital novella 'Santa Maybe' followed and 'Just For Christmas' out now. 


1.    Did you always want to be a writer?

Well, I wanted to be a film star for a while. I still haven't given up on dreaming of an Oscar.....

2.    What was your inspiration for Just for Christmas?

I visited the beautiful Cornish Town of Fowey and as I looked across the harbour I saw this grizzled old dog come out of the pub all alone and hop onto a boat for a lift, it all started there! 

3.    I love the cover of Just for Christmas. How are the covers for your books developed?

Well every year I beg for glitter, and this year I wore them down! 

4.    Where do you write your books?

I wrote most of  'Just For Christmas' actually in Fowey, which was wonderful, and I'm about to go back for a week to finish the next Poldore novel out this summer. I wrote a lot of The Night Before Christmas in the lake district and I do try and write on location as much as possible. Otherwise I am in my office, at my desk. 

5.    Who’s our favourite author and why?

Oh blimey, I've got so many!!! Of all time probably Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is the book that made me want to write. 

6.    How do you develop the personalities of your main characters?

I write them a biography first, although most if it never appears in a book, it really helps me unlock the character. 

7.    What’s your most favourite book ever?

Ah, well it's Jane Eyre - Gone With the Wind close second. 

8.    Do you have special criteria or reasons, when you name your characters?

Often I ask readers to name my characters, it was a reader that named Buoy in 'Just For Christmas' 

9.    What’s the best experience you made as a writer/in your writing career?

WELL this year Just For Christmas was shortlisted for Best Romantic Read, that was cool. Also My first novel The Night Before Christmas was Citrix al lot of bloggers favourite Christmas book, when it came out and that was wonderful! 

10.         What’s your dream destination? And would you also include it in a book?

             It really is Poldore aka Fowey, I want to live there! 

11.         Coffee or tea? Both
12.         Paperback or e-reader? Both!!
13.         Mountains or the sea? Sea
14.         Summer or winter? Autumn
15.         Sweet or salty? Sweeeeet!

Some Christmassy questions as well:

*      What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

My dad made me a dollhouse in secret one year. It was a wonderful surprise. 

*      Do you have a special Christmas tradition?

Tunis Cake! I make one every year, but still have n't got it quite right....

*      What’s your favourite Christmas song?

White Christmas

*      What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Miracle On 34th Street

*      Who would you want to meet under mistletoe?

My imaginary boyfriend Ryan Gosling .. ...

You can find Scarlett on Twitter: @ScarlettBailey

Hope you enjoyed this little Q&A. Just for Christmas is a wonderful book, with a great 
story and it's written beautifully. Definitely worth reading :)
Thank you Scarlett for letting me ask you some questions, I really appreciate it. Can't 
wait to read more about Poldore.

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