Monday, 30 December 2013

Top 6 Book Couples 2013

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Hey my lovely friends,

2013 is ending soon and it's time for some more favorites this year. Today: My Top 5 Book Couples this year, tomorrow I'll reveal my Top 10 books. Well actually I cheated a little bit, cause I just couldn't decide, so here are my Top 6 couples this year, I lvdd them all. I enjoyed reading about them and I hope to hear more about them. The first couple is by far my favorite this year and #2 and #3 are so close, they both deserve to be second actually. 

1. Johnny and Meg, Johnny’s Girl by Paige Toon
2. Alex and Ruan, Just for Christmas by Scarlett Bailey
3. Kayla and Jackson, Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan
4. Laura and Leo, The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon
5. Brett and Garrett, The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman
6. Alex and Angela, I heart series by Lindsey Kelk
 Johnny and Meg. I loved them from the start and knew that they belong together. In Johnny’s Girl we were finally able to read more about them as a couple and that was amazing. Their chemistry and love is wonderful and I absolutely enjoyed every single one of their scenes in this short story. Johnny really loves his Meg and shows it in many different ways and Meg just can’t get enough of him. My favourite couple by far. ♥ ♥ 

Alex and Ruan. I felt their chemistry really early, but it took them a lot longer to realise it. Alex was somehow still focused on Marcus and Ruan was still dealing with the death of his fiancĂ©. They shared a lot of special moments throughout the story and I just wanted them to kiss. However nothing happened for a long time and some drama made me wait even more (nothing against some good drama though ;)). Well the last scene just made me laugh so much, it was great. Cute couple with a great connection and spark. ♥ 

Kayla and Jackson. Oh what a great couple, love them so much, although I really want Jackson for myself. He’s perfect!!! I love the fact that he was able to “change” her and get her out of her shell. He’s such a romantic soul and he understood how to treat Kayla and what’s more important, how to make her happy and see the important things in life. They have so much chemistry, sexyness and really belong to each other. ♥ 

Laura and Leo. I was so happy to hear about Laura again and she really deserves to have her happy ending. Meeting someone on a holiday, that’s mostly nothing to last for longer. Well, not in this case. I love the way their relationship developed and you also see that it’s not always easy to say the L word. However, it was so cute the see Leo transfer and care so much for her when she was in a coma. Happy that they found each other, they make each other complete. 

Brett and Garrett. With Brett I really didn’t know, with whom she was going to end up. I liked Brad, but that unfortunately, didn’t work out. The mystery about Burberry Man was great and he seemed perfect for her. I always hoped that she’d meet him again. It took quiet a long time though. And then there was Mr. Doctor on the phone. I loved their chemistry, however I couldn’t imagine Brett with him. When it turned out that he was Burberry Man I was so thrilled. I loved the scene when I turned up at her house, when she didn’t expect him too, but it was great, because he couldn’t let her go again. 

Alex and Angela. Loved them as a couple from the start of the series. They went through so many ups and downs and they’re still together, which I think is great. They way Alex is caring for her, is amazing, you just gotta love him and he is so patient with Angela. Oh and did I mention he’s a musician?! So sexy… 

Here we go, hope you enjoy it ;). What are your favorite book couples?*Just curious, I know*
This was the second last post this year, any resolutions for 2014? One more post tomorrow, have a fab evening.

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