Saturday, 14 December 2013

Quotes - Chasing Daisy

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It's quote time again ;) This time I decided to post my favourite sayings out of Paige Toon's book Chasing Daisy. I love all of Paige's books so much, but this one is probably my favourite, loved Daisy, Will and Luis.

Paige kindly agreed to write a little text on her inspiration for the book, thank you so much Paige, I really appreciate it:

"My dad used to be a racing driver and was almost killed on two awful occasions. I didn't realise how dangerous the sport was until I was older, and then thankfully, he retired (after fracturing my poor mum's nerves for years!). I've met many racing drivers and I was absolutely devastated when Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger were killed within days of each other – I had a teenage crush on Roland when he drove for my dad at Le Mans, and I met Ayrton in the pits at the Australian GP the year before he died - he's my favourite driver of all time and I'm still affected by his death. You could say that all of these events inspired the story for Chasing Daisy." - Paige Toon

So here are the quotes, starting with another lovely picture the wonderful Isabell made, thank you so much hun ;) xx

I love this quote. There are risks to take in life, especially concerning love. Just go for it, everyone deserve to be with the love of their life. Enjoy every moment of your life, you never know when it ends...

We go on with more quotes, first up is Daisy.

 „He told me he fell for me the moment I shouted at him from across the street when he almost ran me off my scooter. I told him it took me longer than that. He doesn’t care. I love him now, and that’s all that matters.” – Daisy

„I can see him clearly, now, and I know that’s a good thing. It means that I’m over him. A part of me will always love him, but Luis owns my heart now.“ – Daisy

„Please don’t take him from me, I beg. Please, no. He’s mine. He’s mine. He’s mine too lose.“ – Daisy

„He smiles at me as the butterflies go into overdrive, but he doesn’t attempt anything. It’s funny how sometimes the second kiss comes so much harder than the first one.“ – Daisy

„And then he reaches over and touches the tips of my fingers with his, sending an electric shock shooting all the way up my arm and into my head.“ – Daisy

Now our lovely Will, miss him ♥: 

“God, Daisy, this is really doing my head in.“ „You.“ – Will

 „I can’t believe I’m letting you go.“ – Will

Last but not least Luis: 

„That I had the hots for you? Come on, that must’ve been obvious.“ – Luis

„You look better out of it than in, and I didn’t think that was possible.“ – Luis

Hope a all liked the post. A big thank you to Isabell for the beautiful picture, you're so talented! ♥ 

And a huge thank you to Paige for writing her inspiration for the book, so I could include it here. ♥ ♥ 

See you soon lovelies, have a nice weekend.

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