Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Story of My Book Corner - Kirsty M.

My book corner isn't really a corner and in fact it isn't one place. 

I find myself reading on my bed, in the garden, sat on the stairs or lounging on the sofa. I suppose you could say I will settle wherever my book is.

But when it comes to the places my books call home you can find them on the ten bookcases that are scattered around my home.

I will admit though that my favourites tend to reside on the two large bookcases in my bedroom. 
On these cases there are books that have a special place in my heart and also my TBR books which are waiting to find out on which bookcase they will find there home.

When it comes to locating the books on the shelves they are sorted first in alphabetical order by the publishing house and then by the author. I also try not to mix paperbacks with hardbacks unless they are a large paperback. Every bookcase works to a similar format and I find it helps me locate what I'm looking for easily.

But my dream would be to have my own library, Since I was little I have coveted the library in Beauty and the Beast.
My only adjustment would be to add the snuggle armchair that I fell in love with recently. 

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