Saturday, 1 August 2015

Johanna Basford – Colouring Books

In my life I’ve never been a big fan of drawing and colouring. I enjoyed it, but that was it. I never heard of Johanna Basford until a few months ago, when some of my Twitter friends start talking about the books and the colouring.

In March Alba, one of my lovely blogger friends, bought The Enchanted Forest book and I saw her pics on Instagram.
When I went to London the week after I went after it and without even thinking too much I bought the Secret Garden book. Looking through it was great, so pretty and it’s something I can also give tot he kids at school. Only after I started colouring it, I realised that there are two different books. So the Secret Garden came out 2 years ago and the Enchanted Forest is the newest one, it came out this February. I might buy this one as well, because they’re both a real gem. In October another one will be released: Lost Ocean.

The colouring is so much fun, I never thought I’d enjoy it that much. It’s relaxing,
wonderful and full of surprises. I love discovering every single page, they are all so unique and magical. Johanna has a real talent for this. Her pictures are full of beautiful details and magic.

I love experimenting with the different colours and trying out various combinations. I started with the page where you have to write down your name, it looks small, but it took me quite a while to finish it. I’m really happy with the result though.

For my second page I chose the circle, it gave me a great idea for a last present for my grade 6 at school. It was part of a card for them. Here is the result:

I’ve started with a tree, trying out a different colour combination for the leaves this time.
The tree is not done yet. In the meantime I tried other color combinations.

This book is so much fun, it’s great for a quiet day at home and it definitely makes you feel better. 


  1. On the image at the top of your blog, with the incredibly shaded flowers & leaves, are you using regular colored pencils or watercolor pencils? I'd love to be able to color something as beautiful as that!

    1. Hi Shannon! I didn't do that one myself, so I don't know, sorry!